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How Limiting Beliefs Can Affect Your Dating Success

How Limiting Beliefs Can Affect Your Dating Success

How Limiting Beliefs Can Affect Your Dating Success

We are all born into this world and we all come from different backgrounds and because of this we are all different in how we view the world around us. We form our values, morals and beliefs from a very young age from our parents and family.

How Limiting Beliefs Can Affect Your Dating Success? When we are children we view our parents and adults as basically gods that know everything and they can do no wrong. Because of this we believe that everything that they tell us is the truth.

This is fine when it comes to knowing right from wrong but we are basically like sponges when we are young so we absorb everything that we hear and this is when we take on negative or limiting beliefs.

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Limiting beliefs can be detrimental to your success with dating and when it comes to anything else in life and it is important to become aware of these beliefs or thoughts.

Attacking Your Limiting Beliefs

It is only when you become aware of your limiting beliefs that you can actually remove them. For three days you should become consciously aware of what sort of negative beliefs that are coming up in your head and write them down.

You will soon begin to realise that the same thoughts will come up again and again. Once you write down your beliefs you will find it harder to believe them and buy into them you will find it harder to take them seriously and they will gradually begin to weaken.

Origin of Limiting Beliefs

Most of our negative beliefs occur out of habit. As I mentioned earlier, we tend to absorb everything around us as children and it is only when we become more aware of our limiting beliefs that we start to realise that the root of our beliefs usually come from negative experiences from our childhood and we bought into these beliefs to protect us from experiencing more pain and discomfort.

For example if you remember being laughed at in front of a whole class from a very young age when you were in school you will most likely develop a negative belief in relation to speaking in front of a large crowd of people.

Belief Labelling

This is basically the different types of beliefs we will form to protect ourselves. As much as it is maybe a negative belief it still serves a purpose.

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Some examples would be expecting disaster when you always expect the worst possible outcome like for example “ I know if I approach her she will reject me because I am too old” although it is a negative belief it is essentially protecting you from experiencing the pain of rejection, ignoring the positive would be when you manage to come up with an angle of still putting yourself in a negative light even if you did well like for example, “she only gave me her number to get rid of me not because she actually liked me”.

I used to have beliefs like these but it is only when I began to question them did I realise that they were not real.

Creating New Beliefs

Once you address and weaken your negative beliefs it is time to begin replacing them with positive and empowering beliefs. You made a habit of creating and buying into negative beliefs so it is just as easy to create positive ones instead.

It is not going to happen overnight so you will only achieve this through persistence and habit. Write a list of empowering beliefs that feel right to you and apply them every day. It takes over 30 days to create a habit so be patient and persistent.

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