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How guys can please girls in bed?

Happy young couple laughing and kissing in bed

How guys can please girls in bed

How guys can please girls in bed? This is the topic I will be talking about today.

The topic sounds harder than a rocket science class but if you know what women really want it will be a walk in the park. Some women are bold enough and they will tell you what they want in bed but most of us are shy about the topic so we suffer in silence. Women enjoy sex differently because there are those who are wilder than others or where the bell is in the cookie jar. However, there are ways you can make her have a lifetime experience in bed regardless of their uniqueness. Here are ways on ho guys can please girls in bed:

Avoid the cookie jar

Sometimes we think that men are selfish because they want to enjoy sex and shoot their bullets without considering our pleasures. We also want to experience volcanic eruption and enjoy sex and a kiss and pulling my panties on the side does not work. If you want to please your girl in bed make time your friend. Focus on the foreplay and getting her into the mood. It would be a bonus if she experiences her volcanic eruption before you go in.

Last a little bit longer

When you are done shooting your bullet and you notice that she just rolls and faces the other side then that’s a sign of dissatisfaction. No woman loves a guy who burns out like a candle because they leave us wanting more. Lasting long in bed is a great way to gratify your girl sexually. Sometimes it’s hard to control it when you are about to fire some shots so make sure you compensate for it before you go in.

The trick to satisfying a woman in bed if you know your pistols cannot hold for long is to make her have multiple orgasms before the intercourse. It will make her enjoy the sex and it will not be an issue if you fire shots early.

Explore more

Having sex with a full blown adrenaline level is one of the magical moments for any woman. Routine romance has nothing exciting about it and it makes it hard for us to get in the mood and ultimately have an orgasm. We may not be outspoken but we don’t like it when just expect us to do it once we are in bed. Having a quickie in the car or the kitchen can spice up your sex life and make your woman happy.

Explore more sex positions because missionary may not be working for me. The more sex positions you explore the higher your chances of finding the right position that excites your woman. However, when exploring different sex position we want you to care not just fold us like a laptop and expect us to have fun. Asking if the position is comfortable sends a message that you care about our pleasure which is also a huge turn on.


Role play generally works magic in the bedroom. We have been ourselves for a long time and sometimes taking a vacation from our lives is the solution. Role play gives us a chance to be something else and it’s a huge turn on because it also plays with our fantasies. You might be the happiest man when we get into character and play naughty nurse or anything we fantasize about.

You can also include sex toys in the bedroom to make sex more exciting. Most men think that when they use sex toys on us it means they are not enough for us. On the contrary, using sex toys is a turn on and it shows that you care about our sexual gratification; we will appreciate you more for that.

Emotional connection

Sex is more than just getting you to fire some shots. It is a way to connect with you at a whole different dimension. Drunk sex can be amazing but we also want you to look into our eyes and connect with us emotionally during sex. You can start by making your woman feel relax and undistracted. Set a romantic mood that will put love in the air and start a conversation that will slowly build sexual tension and lead to the bedroom. It is easy for us to get wet and in the mood when we feel the emotional connection.

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