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How do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym

How do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym
It’s the new year and everyone is about self-development and getting their health right. Actually, this is the time of year when you get to meet so many girls at the gym. Nevertheless, the gym can be one of the toughest places to pick up girls but also the best if you understand how to approach it skillfully start a conversation with a girl.
First, most girls train with their earphones or headphones on, and you better have a good reason why she needs to remove them and listen to you. Another aspect that makes the gym a tough place to pick up women is that people have to concentrate on their workout or end up in the ER.

 Start a conversation with a girl

But then again you have biology working for you. Physical activity can boost the release of feel-good hormones that can make interaction easy and engaging.
Sometimes the reservations that women have when approached by men are inspired by personal insecurities and fears. At the gym, however, the girl will be feeling her best and happy because she’s accomplishing something.
She’ll have fewer reservations and be more open because she’s getting noticed at the best time. That right there, guys, is the golden ticket that makes the gym one of the best places to pick up women.
In this blog, I’ll give you a guide on how do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym and get her number or even score her. Women are suckers for guys that focus and develop themselves. You being at the gym already gives the woman some nonverbal cues that work to your advantage.
Let’s see how you can make it work and strike an exciting conversation with the girl you want at the gym:
1.      Your timing is everything
The first step of how do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym is to have the timing and precision of a surgeon. You’ll look like a creep when you are trying to game a girl that’s in the middle of an intense workout set. You are giving her the option of talking to you or following the passion and ambition that made her put everything aside to come to the gym.
Your timing is not only dependent on the type of workout she’s doing. It’s also about the rapport that you have between you. You’ll have more success with the girl if at some point she notices you.
2.      Read their nonverbal cues
When I get asked, how do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym? What’s the secret? Well, there’s no secret because you have all the tools you need to score a girl you want at the gym.
The girl you want doesn’t have to talk to you for you to have an idea of what’s going on in her mind or emotional state. It’s good to understand that people go to the gym for various reasons. Maybe she’s there to escape the pain she’s experiencing from a break-up or something tragic.
You have ample time to read and understand a girl’s nonverbal cues. That will be instrumental in how you start the conversation.
For example, if a girl is new at the gym and doesn’t know how everything works around there, her nonverbal cues can show signs of confusion. That will give you an idea of how to start the conversation.
3.      Build a rapport
I have never understood why some people feel they need to talk to build a rapport. The best way to build a rapport at the gym is using nonverbal cues and body language. This is an important stage of how do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym.
When a woman feels safe and comfortable around you, it becomes easy to engage her in a conversation and inspire the response you want. First, reduce the space between you and her. However, you have to be smooth with your approach so that she doesn’t feel you walked across the gym just to be next to her.
Eye contact and a smile is a good way to show a girl “I am here!” She might not realize it but subconsciously maintaining brief eye contact and smiling at a person can make them friendlier.
Another sleek way to build a rapport with a girl and the gym is using the trainer or people that can be trusted at the gym. If she sees that you are on good terms with the trainers, the social proof aspect will make her more flexible when you approach her.
4.      Ask for help
I enjoy asking for help from a woman I want to game with because it gives her the confidence to interact with me and reduces the reservations she might have about guys. Most guys at the gym would start lifting big weights and doing exercises that will put them on bed rest for weeks to get noticed with a girl they want.
While it might make you seem like a big man, it might not be very impressive to make you score the girl. She might feel inferior because of your expertise which is a feeling you don’t want to inspire.
Asking for help, on the other hand, makes a woman feel good because her presence is noticed and appreciated. For example, you can approach her and silently ask for her advice on some of the cardio workouts that you saw her do earlier which were impressive.
She’ll be quick to give you tips. People like being asked for help especially in things they are good at or enjoy doing.
5.      Make a comment
The beauty of building a nonverbal rapport before approaching a girl is you don’t have to say “hi”. Saying hi to a woman can awaken her cautious senses and she’ll interact with you on a standby mode.
Starting a conversation with a comment is a sleek way of bypassing all the reservations that she might have when interacting with men. Check out these phrases:

The new cardio instructor is really good. (When you start a conversation with a positive vibe, the woman’s response will build on it.)
That session was intense. We might not need to work out for the rest of the year. (Displaying your sense of humor when you are making a comment is a sneaky way to get a woman engaged.)
6.      Don’t overthink it.
You want to know how do you start a conversation with a girl at the gym? You just start it. You have the gut feeling when everything is aligned and that’s the perfect time to start a conversation.
When you focus on thinking about what you’ll say and when to say it, you are likely to trigger nervousness and anxiety. You might end up talking yourself out of approaching the girl.
Make a mental note that you’ll talk to the girl you want at the gym and focus on your workout. You’ll find that at the right time, you’ll strike a conversation without having to do much.
Common mistakes guys make
Now that you know what to do, it will give you a holistic approach when you also understand what not to do. So, let’s explore the common mistakes guys make when they want to start a conversation with a girl at the gym:
  • Unsolicited advice
One of the common mistakes most guys make when starting a conversation with a girl at the gym is giving unsolicited workout advice. “Hey, you don’t do squats like that. Let me show you.
While you might have a genuine intention to help, it will not help in your quest. She might feel embarrassed for doing the workout incorrectly or question who you are to tell her that. Either way, you’ll have a hard time engaging the woman in a way that you’ll later score her.
  • Physical compliments
I always tell guys, if you don’t know the girl, keep the physical compliments to yourself. She might look great. But if she’s not feeling great, it could trigger undesirable emotions that could be a barrier to getting what you want.
Also, physical compliments at a gym can make you look like a pervert. She has her tights on and all her curves are highlighted but not for you to point out. She’ll feel uncomfortable working out near you.
  • Across the room eye contact
Some guys think it’s skillful to maintain eye contact while on the other side of the gym. It’s very creepy because the woman cannot really tell if it’s eye contact or you are staring at her.
Masterful eye contact is when you are near her so that she can also feel the energy that your smile radiates.
  • Unconsented physical contact
Women are still women even if they are at the grocery store or at the gym. A lot of physical contact goes on at the gym but that shouldn’t be the case if you wanted to score a woman.
Some guys offer unsolicited advice on workouts and immediately jump in to touch the woman to show her. That can create an awkward moment that will kill any chances of you getting the girl dating coach for men.
Parting Shot
When you approach the girl and start having a conversation, it’s crucial to remember not to get carried away. Make your interaction short and sweet that she’ll come looking for you when her workout session is over.
Also, display confidence and enthusiasm when you are at the gym. Women are attracted to men that have the passion and hunger to live life to the fullest. When you are giving out the right vibe, you’ll not need to ponder on how to start a conversation because you’ll attract the woman to you.
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