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How do you flirt with a girl

How do you flirt with a girl

Flirting is a masculinity powerhouse because it puts a guy in his true element of being a hunter. That’s why it’s every guy’s nightmare to appear like a creep when they are trying to flirt with a girl on their radar.

However, flirting is not as easy as James Bond makes it look in the movies.

How do you flirt with a girl

In real life, women might seem more complicated. They are into something then when you finally understand what it is they’ve outgrown it and now they are into something new.

Flirting is a masterful art to approach and pick women without much objection and resistance. Flirting allows you to trigger a feeling intense that most women cannot suppress, and will explore it here.

Studies show that most women display positive responses to guys that are skilled in flirting.

In this blog, we’ll explore the question of, how do you flirt with a girl, and make sure you score her. Flirting with a girl can be a good baby step. The challenge is flirting with a girl until she agrees to go with you.

You’ll explore flirting techniques and the personal skills you’ll need to master the art. One thing that you’ll need to consider when mastering the flirting techniques is your personality.

Flirting becomes flawless when it blends with your personality.

You can use your body language and nonverbal cues or verbal communication to flirt. You’ll get to understand where the two meet to complement each other and make your art flawless.

Let’s explore how do you flirt with a girl;

1.     Understanding your flirting style.

There are different types of flirting styles and most pick-up artists have specialized in one or more. Your personality plays an important role in determining your flirting style. Your perception of women and how women see you are other cru  al aspects.

You become more confident and purposeful when you approach a woman and you understand your flirting style. Most people fall within these five categories of flirting styles:

    • Polite flirting: It’s mostly for introverts that try to flirt with women by doing nice things. However, this flirting style has the least success rate because most women tend to friend zone guys that use this style.
    • Traditional flirting: It’s one of the most common forms of flirting as the guy makes the first move. Women are still attracted to men with chivalry and charm. Most guys with traditional style are confident and articulate.
    • Playful flirting: It’s a style of flirting that is common in most ‘bad boys’. It’s a flirting style that’s inspired by the fun of the moment. One-night stands are the best outcomes for playful flirting.
    • Physical flirting: It’s one of the sneakiest styles of flirting because it gives you perfect plausible deniability. You use your body language to flirt with the woman and break the touch barrier as an attempt to take your flirting to the next level. It needs a lot of confidence, physical composure, and accurate timing.
  • Sincere flirting: Most guys use this style of flirting because it’s also a good icebreaker. It’s using the woman you’ve approached and her environment as props for your flirting. It’s an easy way to lighten the moment with a woman and find common ground to connect emotionally.

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You become confident and comfortable in your approach when you understand your style. It can also give you an idea of which style a woman you’ve approached is more responsive to and run with it.

2.    Have a goal in mind.

One of the most important things when interacting with a woman you desire is understanding the goal. When you know what you want to achieve, you’ll be more clear about your intention.

When a woman understands your intentions it becomes easy for them to make a choice. They’ll adjust more boundaries to fit your advances if they decide to go down that road with you.

How do you flirt with a girl

The way you approach flirting for a one-night stand is not the way you approach it when you are building a long-term relationship. Your goal will inspire the pace and intensity of your flirting techniques.

It’s easy to get carried away when you don’t know why you are flirting. You can build sexual tension fast that you were not prepared to handle and you can lose the girl you desire.

3.    Work on your conversation skills.

Flirting is built around your ability to express yourself and communicate. Working on your conversation skills can make you a skillful flirt.

Most men find it difficult to talk to women they are attracted to because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. However, there are various ways you can improve on your conversation skills and approach flirting with women differently.

    • Listening with the intention to understand. Listening is a crucial skill that allows you to understand the woman you are talking to. Women might not be direct with their sentiments as men but they attach a heavy emotion to what they desire. You’ll flirt better when you understand what makes them tick.
    • Understand how to keep the conversation running. Weird silence after flirting makes it all look doomed. Building your storytelling and bridging techniques can help you transition from one topic to another keeping the conversation running.
  • How to inspire the desired emotions: Another crucial aspect to master when working on your conversation skills is understanding how to use conversation to trigger emotions you want to connect to. It helps you know how to use your flirting techniques to get what you desire.

4.    Harness the power of body language and nonverbal cues.

How do you flirt with a girl when you don’t know much about them?

Your body language and nonverbal cues communicate louder than your verbal communication. Most women term a flirting man as creepy when their body language does not match their verbal expression.

However, body language and nonverbal cues can be powerful flirting tools. It allows you to flirt with women even when you know little about them.

Most women are cautious and suspicious of unfamiliar guys. That makes them easily susceptible to building emotional walls when they don’t trust you. Using body language and nonverbal cues can allow you to build a rapport that could foster trust.

There are many ways you can harness the power of body language and nonverbal cues and become a master of flirting. One thing that you have to be clear about with your body language is your intention. That’s because most of the women don’t notice when a guy is flirting with them.

Let’s look at how you can use your body language and nonverbal cues to flirt:

5.    Eye contact

There’s a line that your eyes become more than a visual organ for you, and transform into a mirror for a woman to stare deep into your desires. Eye contact can give a warm vibe that will make the woman easy around you when flirting dating coach for men.

When a woman does not respond with a smile or makes eye contact then looks away with a plain facial expression, that can be a sign of lack of interest.

6.    Mirroring and mimicking

People feel safe around people they can relate to. Mirroring and mimicking a woman’s body language can make her more comfortable around you. That will facilitate your flirting adventure.

When a woman is starting to build interest, you’ll notice how she mimics and mirrors your body language.

7.    Body posture

Your posture can display confidence. Confidence inspires confidence. A woman will be willing to follow your lead when she’s confident about you. When you are flirting with a woman and she follows your lead, it becomes easy and thrilling.

A strong posture can also illuminate your masculinity and build sexual tension.

8.    Touch

Touch is a foolproof flirting technique that can get you the woman you desire. However, touch is a slippery slope if the woman is not comfortable with you. It can trigger resistance and you’ll lose her before you start.

Breaking the touch barrier will allow you to advance. You can sneak and break the touch barrier when you meet a woman. Reducing the distance between you and the woman can also make it easy for you to break the touch barrier.

You can initiate flirty and seductive touches when you notice the woman feels comfortable and trusts you.

It’s important that you learn how to interpret body language and nonverbal cues when using them as your flirting technique. You’ll notice the shifts in the woman’s cues which will give you clear guidelines of how to approach the woman.

9.    Understanding the woman.

How do you flirt with a girl? It will depend on the girl because women have unique personalities, which will prompt them to respond differently to flirting.

Understanding a woman’s personality, values, and what she desires in men can help you bring your A-game when flirting. You’ll understand which techniques and flirting style will work on the woman.

One of the common mistakes that guys make when trying to flirt with a woman is thinking the woman will be into them. That will give you more heartbreaks than a junkyard can handle.

Understanding a woman can help you flirt better with her because you’ll know the buttons to press. You’ll understand what keeps her engines rolling and place yourself at the center of a woman’s desires when flirting.

The big question is, how do you understand a woman you just met and flirt with her? Here are some tips to help you with that:

10.    Listen

Most women can tell when a guy is listening to them and when they are hearing them so they can take a cookie bite. True listening allows you to also experience the emotions behind the words. You’ll easily connect with a woman if you understand her emotional space.

Listening can also give you a clue if you are chasing the wind or there’s progress.

11.    Build an engaging conversation.

Women can be rebellious when they feel you are telling them what to do. Even sometimes a compliment can come out or be interpreted wrongly.

Most guys talk too much when they are trying to impress or flirt with a woman. Building an engaging conversation will pave the way for the woman to talk more about herself. Also, when a woman is excited about a conversation it becomes easy to connect with them.

Women are attracted to guys that challenge them. Building an engaging conversation that challenges a woman can make it easy for you to flirt with her.


Flirting is an art that desires courage and confidence. Overthinking the question of how do you flirt with a girl you just met can trigger anxiety. Mastery in conversation and confidence can make your adventure of flirting with women so easy.

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