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How can a short guy look attractive?

How can a short guy look attractive?

The mainstream media tries to convince us we must be at least 6 feet tall to be able to score with the ladies.

We must be tall or it’s a no go.

…don’t believe the lies.

In fact, a shorter guy can still achieve so much, you can’t imagine!

Height is… what it is. And there is not much we can do about it.

Also, you just can’t force women to change their stereotypes.

However, shorter guys do have an advantage over taller guys: they can lift more weight than them proportionally.

Here is how.

With reduced height and arm reach, you neither have to work as hard nor move as much as the taller guys during a squat or bench press.

In other words, you do less work.

Now, less work equates to more weight, which ultimately equates to more muscle.

How can a short guy look attractive?

This should give shorter guys hope that they can work out to impact their height positively.

It is not all fun being short; here is where it sucks yet again.

Instead of looking all ripped, too much muscle on a short person makes you look like a dwarf.

Therefore, to get past the shortness and to considerably look attractive, your aim should be for your body to lift efficiently – this way, you will look taller.

Here’s how to do this:

Maintain your body fat below 12%

Believe it or not, having a belly makes you shorter.

Yea, imagine that – something making your shortness worse.

This is because it adds width to your midsection, essentially cutting your body in half dating coach for men.

You should therefore aim for a flat stomach and a small waist.

This way, you lengthen your torso, which makes you look taller.

If you want to melt belly fat as soon as possible, you could try intermittent fasting where you spend a few days juicing only.

This will jump-start things!

Once you safely have your body fat under the 12% mark, it is safe for you to stop increasing the weights you have been working with, since you are not looking to add more mass.

Engage in full-body workouts

These are pretty much every short guy’s best friend at the gym.

They include deadlifts, presses, squats, pull-ups, and rows.

I mean, why mess around with 20 different kinds of curls that will only work your biceps when you are structurally built to lift a lot of weight?

How can a short guy look attractive?

Full-body exercises will not only improve your strength, help you in burning more calories, but will also give you a lean and more athletic frame, while making you confident that you are pretty aware of what you went to the gym to do.

Do more of pull and less of push exercises

Most guys prefer pushing exercises (chest flies, bench press, squats, and military presses) to pulling exercises (inverted rows, deadlifts, pull-ups, and dumbbell rows) because they are renowned for working our bigger muscles.

However, these pushing exercises tighten your chest muscles and will ultimately kill your posture if you do not strike a balance between pushing and pulling.

Now, no woman wants a guy with a jacked-up spine or hunched shoulders.

You can counter this imbalance by going twice as hard on the pulling exercises as the pushing exercises.

This way, your body stays symmetrical, and you get taller- or at least look taller and acquire a neutral posture.

Other useful workouts include pulling bands, chest stretches, and face pulls, which are a real exercise!

If you’d like to find out more you should definitely watch my brand new video which explains these points.

As you can see, even short guys can still work with what life dealt them.

However, ultimately, having amazing social skills is what matters the most!

Never forget, there are also shorter women who they will be taller than and who will appreciate them too.

Hope this helps.

Speak soon.