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Has The Dating Scene Changed?

Has The Dating Scene Changed?

We live in the fast lane, and we want fast things.

We live on fast food, fast cars, and we even want fast dates.

The modern dating scene has completely changed.

I once coached a guy who got divorced and wanted to get back into the dating scene, but he was unable to.

Has The Dating Scene Changed?

When I was coaching him, I could see the disbelief in his eyes. “Would this work?”, he would sometimes ask.

I, therefore, think it’s apt that I talk about the psychology of modern dating. Has the dating scene actually changed that much?

We are in a dating space that allows you to hook up with people from anywhere.

That has changed the game and what people are looking for in their mates.

What are women looking for in guys today?

What do women need in relationships?

How has technology changed our dating habits?

How many emotions should you invest in modern romantic relationships?

Stick around and find out the answers to these questions and so much more!

Virtual dating has become the new normal.

In the past, we were used to being picked up, taken for dinner, and then watching a good romantic movie together.

The reality has changed guys!

She doesn’t have to be physically there anymore.

Virtual relationships allow people to date and do things together without any physical contact. Crazy right!?

All you need right now is a laptop, iPad, or smartphone, and you are a good-to-go dating coach for men.

There are thousands of sites that support virtual dating.

Look at our circle of friends, for instance. We have more online friends than actual friends.

And that brings me to our next point, which is shopping for partners online.

Has The Dating Scene Changed?

Whether you are looking for a lifelong partner or casual sex, you will get it online.

In modern society, we want to make it big and make it fast.

We work three or four jobs to pay our mortgage, luxurious lifestyles, and expensive toys.

Guys have no time to approach women at the mall, gym or the park like they used to.

They are so afraid of rejection and so they run to online dating apps where you will find someone looking for someone.

It is great to tap into the online dating scene, but how is it affecting modern relationships?

That’s the million-dollar question!

To understand the psychology of modern dating, you cannot overlook the impact of the online dating space.

We have too many options that we no longer have a choice.

Social media and dating apps have made it possible to be able to date someone from another continent.

We have so many options that it becomes difficult for us to decide on who we want to settle with.

You swipe left, you see someone hotter than your girlfriend, and you want that.

The truth is, no matter who you are dating, there will always be someone that looks better.

That has made commitment and fidelity a rare commodity in the modern dating space.

But you know commitment and fidelity come with a strong emotional connection.

In the modern dating scene, people are more emotionally reserved.

I asked a few guys (a while back) when they think they should tell a girl that they love her?

The answers I got were both hilarious and saddening.

People don’t want to invest their emotions in relationships anymore.

Getting hurt has become so typical in modern relationships that we opt for them to be more physical than emotional.

That is why ghosting people has become normal.

You have been together for five months, then poof… your partner disappears from you.

She blocks you on social media, phone, and any possible way you can communicate with her.

That can be emotionally draining, but it happens.

And that brings me to my last point, which is benching.

If you watch the NFL or basketball, you will be familiar with the concept of benching.

In the modern dating scene, we also practice benching.

This is where you have someone on the side as your insurance policy in the event that it doesn’t work out.

The modern dating space if filled with insecurity, and people want to protect themselves from loneliness, but it comes at the expense of other people.

She will lead you on just enough to keep you waiting, but she will not commit to you.

When you are tired and want to move on, she throws a big chunk of hope in your way so that you stay.

That is cold.

But it’s the games that both women and men play in the modern dating space.

But there is some positive in all this!

The dating apps can be used to create rapport by people who experience approach anxiety or are very busy.

However, forming a personal connection is the only way that you can make your relationship work.

Some people are looking for genuine love and there are those who are looking for fun.

Look out for the signs to filter those that will waste your time from your potential partners.

The modern dating space is becoming more materialistic, and women want men with financial stability.

However, not all women are after the material stuff that most people are chasing.

Build an emotional connection with a woman that accepts you for who you are, not the idea of who you might be.

Speak soon,

Annabella 💖