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Good Looks are Overrated 👎

Good Looks are Overrated 👎

When people speak of “seduction”, it always fires up the emotions and it brings back vivid memories of days long lost.

Importantly, seduction portrays different meanings to different people.

I have always seen seduction like two people playing tango…

Good Looks are Overrated 👎

Tango doesn’t necessarily focus on how attractive you look, but rather how it is performed. And also, the energy at which it is performed too.

At the fundamental level, your success is determined by your mastery of tango as an art form. Likewise with seduction too !

I say this and I focus on this because there is STILL a long- standing myth in society in relation to having looks to score with women.

A requirement to be really attractive that is.

…there are guys out there who might be good looking, but women DO want more than that !

And even if you’re good looking but have ZERO social skills, you will simply not get the girl.

So the idea of seduction runs much deeper than exterior superficialities.

Seduction, at it’s purest form, should make a woman lose control of herself and make her submit herself to you.

Women are seduced by men whom they perceive to be out of their reach.. the guys that stir up the dirt, the danger, and even the evil lust within them.

Think about it for a second…

What on earth is romantic about eloping !?

It’s the seduction part of it, the breaking- of- the- rules just to be together.

Good Looks are Overrated 👎

And I strongly believe that all men have the potential to master the art of seduction and to harness it’s power.

So to cut a long story short, I want to share a free video I have prepared for you, to help you to seduce even the most resistant of women !

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