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Girl picking up girls PART 4!

Girl picking up girls PART 4!

Hi Guys it’s Maria here and I’m back for yet another action packed video today !! But before we get into it I just want to make you aware of our 8- week- confidence course, which we offer to our clients at Kamalifestyles. Guys have you ever dreamt of scoring with that gorgeous lady on the street or at the coffee shop but found yourself to shy or awkward to initiate a conversation with her ? Well dream no longer as I have a proposition for you right here and right now…

Girl picking up girls PART 4!

At Kamalifestyles we offer a course with one of our coaches in order to boost your confidence around women ! This is an 8- week immersion course which we deliver either online or face- to- face and it’s guaranteed to boost your confidence around those hot women !

So if you feel like this might be of interest to you then please do get in touch with us and with me by clicking on the link in the video description below as it will take you to our “contact us” page at Kamalifestyles.

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But anyway, and back to the video – so I realize that I recently filmed Part 3 of the “girls picking up girls” series and the reception to the video was really positive from you all so thanks again for your lovely comments. So on the basis of this I’ve decided to film Part 4 of the video series ! Guys the purpose of this video is only really to inspire you to take some action ! So enough chit chat from me – let’s go out and see how the girls responded so stay tuned !

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