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Getting good fast

Getting good fast

We get many students come to us and say they want to get good quick. I mean there’s a clear difference between guys who come to us and accelerate at different speeds and ask what the secret is.

Getting good fast

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The Truth

I suggest you watch the matrix. The principle behind this film will break down what is needed. Think of it you have gone your entire life telling you to go to school get a good job work in a steady 9 – 5 job. It’s not OK to approach an attractive girl in the street.

I remember being told as a teenager ‘don’t worry you will meet a special girl, it will just happen’. This is just not true. You need to question everything. Don’t accept your situation.

Expect and demand more from life. You will not just be given it. You need to take it. The average person lives 27,000 days. You have about 8,000 left how are you going to spend it.


Regardless how much work we do reprogramming and desensitizing our students it really comes down to the student. Your action is required. It is your choice at the end of the day we can only show you the door you need to walk through it.

We show you how to feel great positive confident an alpha male but this means is only one step. You need to believe it and allow yourself to change your own life. I often am out in night clubs with guys and feel a little tired and say to myself ‘I would love to go home to bed and get a go a good night’s sleep’ or ‘I will take it easy tonight’.

Then I have my decision do I want to listen to this or say NO I won’t listen to that crap I am going to live likes it’s my last night.

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Ask yourself what’s the shortest possible route to my destination. This is very dependent on what you’re willing to do. Go and take what’s yours, you deserve it.

Women are designed different to men

It’s scientifically proven that men are programmed differently to women. Women are designed to be more emotional. How does this affect me I am sure you ask? A logical male brain will think attractive girl she finds me also attractive therefore we are right for each other.

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No this is just not true women take a much longer time to determine whether you’resuitable and is ever changing. You need to learn to adapt there are too many specific variables at play. Practice is really what’s needed here.


Imagine being able to walk over to an attractive girl in the street and tell her you like her. This is so powerful and fulfilling. It’s ok for a girl not to like you. Enjoy the process as much as the end result.

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