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Getting better talking to girls

Getting better talking to girls

Getting better talking to girls

We have different types of guys who come to work with us some are very social able but for many reasons are not attracting the right people into their lives. Then there are people who are a lot less social able and avoid it at all cost.

Continual improvement

Without taking action you will never get a girl in your life. Typically a person should be out 1 – 2 nights a week to maintain a social part of their life. This is critical for all parts of your life including work. Of course practicing the wrong thing over is also not good.

Think for a second if you walk over to an attractive girl but have the wrong body language and have a negative mindset. It’s important to look at what’s working and improve on the areas that are not working. It’s recommended to work with someone who understands this to give good feedback so you can continually improve.

Proper mindset

Imagine you approach a group of girls but before you approach your thinking ‘they probably won’t like me’ this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever you think it’s probably true. Even if she did like you, you would find it hard to accept and self-sabotage it somewhere down the line.

We teach our students to love themselves so much that when they approach an attractive girl they are not looking for approval they already approve of themselves. This is very closely related with confidence.

It’s critical to reprogram this mindset to something more empowering like ‘she’s attractive she might like me if not I will have fun’. When you think like this you can relax and enjoy yourself a lot more.

The exercises we do that help students vary from student to student meaning what works on one person may not work on another quiet as effectively.

Here’s a short list of some of the exercises we do:

Positive rehearsal this is very simple before going out on a night out sit down close your eyes and imagine approaching attractive girls and it going really well. Loud music can be used to enhance the experience this improves the state.

Getting better talking to girls

Removing negative beliefs. We can permanently remove negative thoughts. Typically a belief is based on a previous experience it doesn’t come from nowhere. When you’re a small child you’re like a sponge taking in information to make sense of the world around you taking on friends and families thoughts good and bad. By removing these you can notice a life impacting experience of not feeling this anymore and it will spill over to other areas of your life.

Childhood reprogramming. It’s not that you had a bad childhood it’s just your mind is designed to focus on the negative parts. This is a natural safety mechanism your brain does to ensure you don’t feel this pain again. Also known as the fight/flight mode. This needs to be reprogrammed; we need to make you feel comfortable enough to feel safe and secure.

There really are so many areas to look at. Never ending improvement is our focus on. The simplest breakdown for success is.

Mindset + Action + continuous improvement = success

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