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French kissing tips and techniques

French kissing tips and techniques

French kissing tips and techniques

Malcolm had been having a very successful evening. He was out clubbing with a friend and had approached a couple of women, getting a few phone numbers and meeting one or two prospective dates.

While getting a drink at the bar, Malcolm happened to bump into an attractive blonde he’d seen earlier in the evening. He could feel her eyes on him, so he immediately approached her with an opinion opener. He soon had her giggling and playing with her hair.

When she started leaning in and touching him while she flirted, Malcolm knew that she was definitely more than interested.

Malcolm’s Kama Lifestyles coach had given him invaluable French kissing advice, tips and techniques. There’s more to how to French kiss than anyone learned as a teenager.

Women like to be kissed in different ways and give different kinds of kisses different meaning. While men are likely to go home with a bad kisser, women probably won’t.

They tend to think that being a bad kisser means you’re bad in bed. And overeager, slobbery kisses with too much tongue will undoubtedly leave you going home alone.

The Kama Lifestyles coach had taught Malcolm a couple of tricks about French kissing:

    • The first kiss is the first intimate step you take with someone. Make it count and leave an impression.
    • Women in a bar or club are out to have fun and meet people. This makes it an easy place to practice French kissing techniques.
    • Get the approach right. It needs to be one smooth motion.
    • Don’t let the French kissing go on too long and watch how much tongue you use – it can’t be too little or too much. Judge the situation and make a decision before you start, adjusting your plan if need be.
    • You can project confidence by firmly pulling her towards you (without being too rough or forceful, of course). Women can’t resist confident men.
    • Don’t neglect kissing her neck, but don’t bite if you’re not asked to.
    • Slowly part her lips with your tongue to get in there, without forcing it into her mouth. Massage her tongue with yours before becoming playful and taking care to notice what gets a response.
    • Touch her while you kiss. Putting your hands on her hips is intimate and leaves you in control of her body. A hand left lingering on her ribs, under (not on) one of her breasts is sensual and promises more to come. Don’t grope – it’ll make you seem needy and desperate.
    • Tease her by pulling away slightly and making her follow you.
    • Make a smooth exit. French kissing is intimate and sensual and breaking away abruptly may leave her wondering if she did something wrong or feeling rejected.

French kissing tips and techniques

Malcolm realised the importance of French kissing with flair, so he suggested they move away from the bar to a quieter corner to talk.

The girl he had met, Mary, left a hand on his arm while they chatted and turned her whole body towards him, giving him clear signals about her level of interest.

Malcolm pulled her towards him by putting one hand behind her neck and the other on her hip before French kissing her.

Mary responded by pushing her body against his and Malcolm knew the kiss was a huge success. The kissing techniques he had learned were paying off and he had definitely learned how to kiss a girl.

Malcolm realised that he and Mary were a good match and that he’d like to see her again. Malcolm and Mary have been on a few dates and the attraction is as strong as it was during the French kissing.

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