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Five Types of Women Men Should Avoid

Five Types of Women Men Should Avoid

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about five types of women you should avoid

Women are flowers in a barren land. They add flavor to a man’s life. Women can also be curse any man can bring upon himself if you don’t take time to choose wisely. Although it’s not possible to find the perfect person who has everything you need, it is important to choose someone who has shortcomings you can learn to live with. Here are five types of women men should avoid.

The girl’s girl

She may be pretty, funny, cheerful; you guys might have the connection that only comes once in a blue moon but trust me you are in for a whole lot of trouble. If you are dating a girl’s girl, just know you are dating a Barbie team. Her friends know where you first kissed, what you bought her and even suggest to her the decisions she should make about your relationship. It her friends who will vet you passively and decide whether you are worth dating their friend. Even if she likes you, it won’t go far if her friends don’t like you.

The paranoid girlfriend

She’s the girl who asks where you have been, what you’ve been doing. She goes through your phone, your clothes, and even your emails to find evidence that you are cheating. She thinks you sleep with every woman you talk to and can’t condone seeing you hanging out with female friends. Paranoid girlfriends will even ask you to break relationships with anyone who seems to come between the two of you. She will go to the extent of stalking your social media pages and even confront any woman who acts suggestive towards you.

The control freak

The main agenda of the control freak is to build you into the man she wants. She calls the shots and ensures you do exactly what she wants; something most men can’t stand. She decides what clothes you should wear, what food you should start eating, what friends you should stop seeing and even what kind of cologne you should start to use. She wants to know where you are at all times and says no to most of your suggestions. She is happy as long as you do what she says.

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