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Five personality traits that women notice in men right away!

Five personality traits that women notice in men right away

Hi guys expert dating coach Annabella Rose and this Dating Coach Emre and today we will be talking about Five personality traits that women notice in men right away Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way.

A study has shown that women are more intuitive than men when it comes to just looking at you and knowing how you feel. It is also right to say that most women are aware compared to men when it comes to noticing intricate things in the environment like a beautiful bike parked outside a restaurant or a girl on the street wearing a nice dress and things like that. This ability to be aware in the moment allows a woman to notice certain traits about a man who decides to talk to her for the first time. Here are five personalities you can’t hide when you interact with a woman.


Women literally smell confidence and just so you know; it smells nice and she smells miles away. She will know whether you are confident or not ever before you start to speak. Women study what a man does when he makes his move, does he take a lot of time before making the decision to come at her table, does he stutter when he speaks and does he maintain eye contact.

As she looks at all those things, tiny aspects such as the distance between you two tells her a lot. She also looks out for any touchy actions whether or not you will gently pat her shoulder or stroke her hand. All these details set aside a confident man and one who is not. Just by interacting with a man for a minute, a woman can tell so much.


Women are often curious about how kind a man is and if he is a caring human being. Most of the times, a woman puts the man through the ‘waiter test’ to measure his sense of thoughtfulness. How a man treats those serving them in a restaurant or in any environment where they interact with people tell her exactly who he is.

If he talks genuinely and nicely to the waiter and even has a kind of small talk that makes the waiter laugh or feel nice then generally that puts a guy in the thoughtful and kind category. This is always key to a woman because even in words alone she will know. Imagine you are walking in the park with a girl and see a child crying and the parents aren’t around. It is during these times that a girl puts you through the test. If you go out of your way to talk to the child then you have passed the test.

Five personality traits that women notice in men right away!

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