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First date tips for men to flirt with a girl

First date tips for men to flirt with a girl

So, you want her to think you’re really smooth, don’t you? Of course you do because you do not want to strike out on the first date.

Maybe if you got good at your flirting then you may not have to worry about this problem in the future.

Men to flirt with a girl

Flirting is a crucial relationship language that helps men and women communicate their desires.

Through flirting, it becomes easy to tell who is digging you and who would rather be talking to a potato.

Fortunately, most people will not reciprocate flirting if they do not like you back.

You need to find a person who will match your energy and understand your jokes.

Through flirting, you can showcase your best traits which will inevitably cause her to be attracted to you if you’re her type.

It is also through flirting that one can establish sexual tension which eventually leads to sex.

During a first date, you want her to leave the date feeling nice and thinking about you.

If you are really good at flirting, chances are she will be expecting your call.

However, first dates can be nerve-racking and this can cause your date to go horribly wrong.

How do you flirt on a date? (dating coach for men)


  • Humor
  • Teasing
  • Sarcasm
  • Undivided Attention
  • Let Her Talk!
  • Compliment


  • Her Body Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Sitting Posture
  • Confidence
  • Curb Enthusiasm
  • Have fun!
  • Smile


  • Make Her Feel Wonderful
  • Notice Subtle Changes
  • No Distractions (In the Moment)
  • Give Her Space to Process
  • Match Energy


Conversation is the way most people communicate.

By holding a conversation with a person, it becomes easy to determine whether you would want to make their acquaintance.

It is a powerful communication tool that can be helpful when used correctly.

For you to be good at flirting, you need to work on your conversation skills.

While flirting involves other aspects that do not include talking, sharpening your conversation skills might be the missing ingredient to your success.

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What things indicate you are doing well in a conversation?

●   Humor

Everybody likes to hang with the funny guy because laughter really is the best medicine for the soul.

Jokes are a great way to break the ice and make her feel comfortable around you. When people laugh, they feel a natural high that makes them feel nice all over.

This is why, when you make a girl laugh, she will want to spend more time with you.

She will associate you with good vibes and will want to hang out with you more often.

Making your date laugh on the first date is a great way to make sure she keeps coming back for seconds.

A lot of sexual chemistry can also be created when people laugh together.

●   Teasing

It may seem like a bad idea to tease the person that you are trying to flirt with, but trust me it is not.

Teasing, when done correctly could make her let her guard down and actually want to hang out with you.

When you tease a girl, make sure you keep it light, relatable, and funny.

It is probably best to lace it with a compliment if you feel like it is too intense.

●   Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a great way to have a conversation with people you like.

Let’s face it, you probably use a lot of sarcasm when talking to friends and family, and it doesn’t always end badly does it? The same applies when flirting with a girl.

When you are being sarcastic, you naturally take the seriousness out of the conversation which makes for the right setting for flirting.

If she can follow your sarcasm, it will make for a fun and open conversation.

●   Undivided Attention

Women like to be the center of attention when they are around a guy they like.

If you like a girl and want to let her know you like her while flirting, then you should give her your undivided attention.

She can sense when you are distracted and that will only lead to her feeling as if you do not want to be there.

When you pay attention to her when you are together, she will feel appreciated and chances are, she will open up to you more and become attracted to you.

Offering your undivided attention also makes her feel secure and like her opinions and existence matter to you.

This will immediately give you points and make her like you extremely.

●   Let Her Talk!

In every working conversation, there should be an uninterrupted flow of information.

If she is not able to get her word in when you are talking, she will start feeling overlooked and will not want to hang around anymore.

When talking to her, let her finish saying things before you interject.

It is okay for you to give your opinions and also talk in the conversation, in fact, it is necessary.

The conversation will have more body to it if both of you take turns speaking and respect each other’s opinions.

Such conversations are seamless and make her want to talk to you more.

●    Compliment

Every girl likes to be complimented so why not do it for the person you are flirting with.

A compliment is a great way of telling her, “hey, I notice you.” It is a great way to let her know that you appreciate her.

The comment doesn’t always have to be physical, and it should always be honest.

Most women put a lot of effort into the way they look and the things they do.

Giving her a compliment on these things immediately lets her know that her effort did not go to waste.

It also lets her know that you are a fan, which will make her feel calmer and more confident, which is a good thing!

For example, if she does some volunteer work and you admire that, tell her. For a compliment to work best, it has to be something you truly admire in her.

If a compliment is superficial and rushed, she will gloss over it quickly and not believe that your comments are sincere. Remember to compliment her and mean it!


It is the unspoken human language that lets us know subtly when a conversation is going well. It also helps us know what feelings we elicit in other people.

That is why it is important to stay up to date with body language when you are out on a first date with someone.

During a first date, there is a lot of tension and most people try to act a certain way or talk a certain way so that their date may perceive them a certain way.

This is normal because most people want to make a good impression on their date so that they can have a better chance of meeting them again.

Noticing your date’s body language quickly lets you determine whether things are going well; it also lets you know if you are striking out.

Body language is just that; it is a language that we use to communicate that is non-verbal.

There are subtle changes in the way our body moves or behaves when we are experiencing certain thoughts and feelings.

Through mindfully observing your body language, it is possible to steer the conversation in your favor.

One may also be able to adjust accordingly when they can interpret subtle cues.

What things are important to learn about body language to be a flirting expert?

●   Her Body Language

When you are in the presence of that queen, you might want to pay attention to a lot more than what is coming from her mouth.

Her body language is a great way to know if you are doing well or bumming.

There are subtle cues and shifts in her body that will let you know if she is still interested in hanging out with you.

If she is interested, she will maintain eye contact and she may direct her entire body towards you.

When a girl likes you, she will initiate some light physical touch or play with her hair, or lean towards you.

If she is fidgeting, you will quickly be able to tell that something is making her uncomfortable and you will be able to do something about it.

Body language is a very important bit of flirting, master the art!

●    Eye Contact

Try and keep eye contact with your date so that they know that you are fully present during your conversation.

Keeping eye contact will let her know that you are present in the conversation and that you hear what she says.

Maintaining eye contact will also help you know whether your date is having a great time or not depending on whether she maintains eye contact as well.

●    Sitting Posture

Your sitting posture should exude a lot of confidence.

When you sit up straight and stand tall when you are with her, she will feed off your confidence and feel secure when she is around you.

Try and make sure your body faces her if that is possible and try not to fidget.

When your posture radiates confidence, you might dissipate the awkwardness of first dates.

●   Confidence

Confidence is the difference between a successful date and a bad date.

When you are confident, your date will feel extremely attracted to you because you are confident in what you do.

Being confident also makes her feel safe when she is around you because you seem like you have your life together.

If you are confident in yourself, you will have a level head that will enable you to give her your undivided attention.

●    Curb Enthusiasm

Do not act like a desperate groupie when you are around her; she will immediately pick up on it and get put off by it.

If you are feeling extra excited about a date, try and do some calming things beforehand like listening to music or meditating.

It is important to show up to the date in your best form if you are going to charm her.

●   Have fun!

If you are not having fun with your date, then your date most likely feels the same way.

When you are spending time with the girl you like, keep it light and fun so that she feels comfortable enough to enjoy the experience as well.

First date tips for men to flirt with a girl

Of course, nobody wants to hang out with the guy that wrecks the party fun so cheer up, loosen up and have some fun!

●    Smile

Try and smile at her as much as you can without making it creepy. If you are having a good time, then you will smile a lot more often.

Smiling automatically makes her feel like hanging out with her is fun for you!

This will boost her confidence and your confidence in turn and provoke a euphoric feeling when you are around each other.


Being present is beneficial to you even away from the crazy world of dating.

By being present, you can focus on what is going on in your life from an objective point of view.

Through that focus, you will be able to approach life from a calm perspective, which will reflect on your interactions with other people as well.

It is easy to miss the point when you want to go out with somebody because you are not present at the moment.

Being present involves being focused on what is going on and avoiding distractions so that she gets your full attention.

Through practicing being present, you might be able to dodge a few bullets and you might even be able to avoid some mishaps from occurring.

How do you incorporate being present to help you flirt with a girl?

It is very easy for a girl to know whether you are focused on the date, or if you are in your head.

By being present, you will be able to give your date undivided attention, read into situations easily, and there are fewer chances of dragging on an unnecessary date.

Being present also involves being mindful of your own needs, how do you use it to flirt?

●   Make Her Feel Wonderful

When you are present, you are tuned in to her needs and you will quickly tell when you need to adjust.

Making her feel wonderful is an integral part of flirting with a woman.

When she feels wonderful, she is more likely to associate that feeling with you.

Therefore, good sirs, be a gentleman to her, compliment her at every turn and play with her!

●   Notice Subtle Changes

Being present will help you to quickly determine whether she is having a good time.

There will be subtle changes to the way she talks, sits, or looks at you and it is your job to take note of these things when you’re with her.

Subtle changes are the best way to know if you’re doing a good job or need to adjust.

●   No Distractions (In the Moment)

It is very important to stay in the moment when you are hanging out with your crush.

Remove all distractions including distracting thoughts so that you can immerse yourself in the experience fully.

If you can stay in the moment, you will offer the best company and she will get more involved in the flirting and the date.

●   Give Her Space to Process

Remember that she needs to process what is going on so if you feel as if she is taking time to process you then let her.

This means that you need to give her a healthy amount of space during your interactions including texts, calls, and in person.

Giving her space ensures you do not come off as forceful and it will also give her time to process your time together and like you even more!

●   Match Energy

Matching her energy is an important aspect of every flirtation interaction.

If she is feeling a bit timid, you might want to slow things down and focus on making her feel welcome It could go wrong if you do not know how to adjust your energy to match hers and safe.

If she is interested in you and she is having a good time, you should reciprocate her energy and show her that it is fine.

When you fail to match the energy of your partner, you will experience a disconnect in your interactions.

Just like talking and body language, matching energies is a great way to get to know each other.

So, don’t forget to be aware of the vibes she is putting out so that you can match them.

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