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Don’t Put Up with A Girl Who Constantly Blows You Off!

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Hello guys, expert dating coach Annabella here again. I hope you have been well since my last video…. So today I will be talking about reasons you should never put up with girl ewho blows you off.. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

I have heard my male friends making excuses for women who blow them off. Rejection can be a difficult thing to take and it takes different forms. Being blown off can be a sign of lack of interest. Women are different, and while some will tell you to your face how uninterested they are in you, others will let go of you smoothly. That is where the problem begins.

Some men take being blown off as a sign of playing hard to get. So, they try harder to wow us a

nd we blow them off more. However, pursuing a girl that blows you off does more harm to you than good. In this article, we will look at why you don’t put up with a girl who continually blows you off.

They create insecurity

Constantly Blows You Off

When you make plans, and they do not go as expected, they might create a domino effect in your day and life. I always tell men. When a woman likes you, she will always create time for you. However, when you are constantly left in a table for two alone, there is a problem.

Your confidence is slowly shattered each time she cancels your date without a valid reason. You start wondering what it is your doing wrong, or if you are even good enough for her. Now, the longer you pursue a woman who is blowing you off, the severe the damage will be on your confidence. Sadly, the lack of confidence in one aspect of your life transfers to other aspects of your life, and you find generally you lack confidence in everything.

They waste your time

In the battle of the sexes, there are games we play. People will hold on to others when it is only convenient for them. However, there are always tell signs when someone is only with you for convenience until the best thing comes around. Blowing you off regularly is one of the tell signs.

One moment she is super free and wants to hang out, and the next minute she can’t even get a 20-minute coffee break to see you. That my friends, is a woman who is still looking for something better. We all fear to be lonely, and sometimes we eliminate the loneliness with the guy who is always on our case until our Prince Charming comes and sweeps us off our feet.

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