Don’t misunderstand me…

Don't misunderstand me...

Grave misunderstandings between man and woman are not uncommon in this day and age.

It is part and parcel of human nature.

The unfortunate part of this is misunderstandings often go unnoticed by both of the sexes.

Don’t misunderstand me…

Unnoticed in the sense that they are categorically ignored in the most blasé way.

Don’t misunderstand me…

I’m going to shed some light on this matter today by pointing my finger at the guys (nothing personal as women are equally to blame).

But I realised that men do things that annoy women of which men themselves are unaware of.

So let me elaborate on my key observations…

Double standards

Men will get jealous when their lady is talking to other guys, but he will claim that she is overreacting when she gets jealous when he talks to other girls.

When guys do that it’s like you are downplaying our emotions.

Women like to be in relationships where they are appreciated and wanted.

Double standards in a relationship make a woman feel like she has little right or is being used.

Selective hearing

Nothing annoys a woman more than a man who is not listening to her in a conversation.

Women are in touch with their feelings more than men.

We feel that our men are the only ones who can understand us when things are not going our way.

Don’t misunderstand me…

When she’s talking, and you are not listening, it’s an indication that you are not interested in what she’s saying.

That triggers the feeling of unappreciation, which gets a woman in an awful place.

Not sharing how you feel

Most men don’t like sharing how they feel because they think that makes them weak.

However women want men who can show their vulnerabilities to them.

You are not a God for Pete’s sake.. we expect you to have feelings!

It annoys most women because they feel helpless.

We know when you are happy and when things are not okay. However, we are not psychic to pin-point what is going on.

Women feel that men who are not open with their feelings are selfish and inconsiderate.

We are supposed to help each other in a relationship, and I cannot play my part if I have no idea what’s going on with you.

Not sharing your feelings with your partner can result in an emotional wall.

Broken promises

This is where almost every guy gets to the last nerve of a woman.

Have you ever promised something simple like taking out the garbage and when you didn’t do it it became such a big deal?

Well, we take your promises very seriously.

When you promise to do something nice, it makes us feel good, appreciated, and even loved.

Now, when you don’t keep that promise, it makes us feel stupid, unappreciated and taken for granted.

Most guys make promises to make women feel better or get something they want.

So, a word of advice.. Stop making promises because you are horny or you are drunk!

Mr I know it all

Most guys do things because they want to and don’t require their women to consult them on what they do.

First, that’s a double standard, and it pisses women off to the roof.

Second, when you make ALL the decisions without consulting your woman, it makes her feel like a child.

Sometimes, it’s not how you intend to make us feel, which I understand.

But when you make all the decisions yourself, it makes us feel like we are not smart enough to make an important decision with you.

It is this feeling that your action triggers that makes us so mad with you!

Having a huge ego

I was tempted to leave this out, but you know me..

We give you the real truth even if it’s hard to swallow.

We love men not because you are the “greatest” but because you make us feel some type of way.

It’s annoying when you let your ego take over the relationship. You become stubborn and emotionally out of reach.

Ego is okay in a man because it maintains your individuality. But too much of something is toxic.

Anyway, I hope you found these points insightful.

I’d also highly recommend you watch my free training video for a visual representation of the above.

Understanding your woman will help you know better what annoys her.

Women are unique.

And whilst some might be annoyed with you leaving the toilet seat up, others will see it as normal.

So read her body language and listen to her.

You will notice the finer details about her that will make you the charming prince that she adores!

Do let me know your thoughts.

Best Wishes,

Annabella 🥰