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Does being a bad boy work?

Does being a bad boy work?

Guys today Annabella and I will be switching the roles and this time she is going in the wheelchair and I will be pushing her. So today Emre will be the bad boy and will hit on girls on the street while his wife in the wheelchair. Yes correct I will be in a wheelchair . Guys as I said it on my previous video our aim is not to offend anyone. So what do you think… Do you think that Emre will be successful on spinning girls mind and convince them? Comment below as I am really interested in reading your comments. So guys let’s not mix it, these are not the traits of anti-social personalities, law breakers or abusers…You don’t need to be this type of “bad boy” to attract women. I define my bad boy as a man who does not conform to others and rules He is really confident and does what it works for him but always acts with honesty & respect others dignity so women can’t help feeling attraction towards their personality and style and gravitate towards them. Without further a due, lets watch the footage.

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Annabella Rose is a Dating Coach and youtube presenter. She regularly publishes videos on KamaTV. She takes clients in to the bar and clubs and teaches her magic! Her speciality is approach and attraction. She also helps to develop confidence and conversational skills and gives honest perspective on the world of women from a woman’s point of view. Most of our clients say “the best advice ever” after talking to Annabella..

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