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Do Skinny Guys Have a Chance to Build Muscle?

Do Skinny Guys Have a Chance to Build Muscle?

Hey guys, welcome back to kamafitness with me Annabella Rose, your personal trainer and dating coach from Im here to help you get in your best shape, both physically and mentally to help you dominate the dating world. Today I am going to talk about Do Skinny Guys have a Chance to Build Muscle. Before we start, click that subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing from us here at kamatv.

Do Skinny Guys Have a Chance to Build Muscle?

So can a skinny guy build muscle? Absolutely. Anyone is capable of gaining weight and building muscle. Some take longer than others, which is the case with everything else in life, but it eventually happens as long one has adhered to the ground rules of building and maintaining muscle.

I have heard more than enough people claim that their genes dictate one’s body size. This implies that one doesn’t stand a chance to be anything else except what they were born. This is only here say that is neither here nor there. Even with a fast metabolism, skinny guys are entirely capable of gaining weight and building muscle.

Gaining muscle as a hard gainer is more manageable than many fitness magazines make it seem. Most of them are after the huge profits they get from selling advertising spaces. Now, first things first. Your genes have no tangible effect on how much muscle you can gain or your body size.

Do Skinny Guys Have a Chance to Build Muscle?

It’s only that some people are genetically exposed to packing muscle easier and faster than others. This should, however, not stand in the way of you gaining as much muscle as you desire. You only need to approach the whole thing a little different from the rest. Now, here is what you need to do to increase your chances of gaining muscle.

1. Eat right

Go for about 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. This is roughly the most your body can use in a day. For instance, if you weigh 220 pounds, consume 200 grams of protein each day. This is the amount you’d get from a cup of cottage cheese, 8 ounces turkey breast, two eggs, a roast-red meat sandwich, 2 ounces of peanuts and a glass of milk. Divide the rest of your calories equally between fats and carbohydrates. In addition to sufficient protein, you will also need more calories. Use this to calculate the average number of calories you need to take up daily to gain at least a pound per week.

Hope you enjoy!

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