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Do I Have To Lose Weight To Land A Date?

Hello, my beautiful people. Nice to have you around again for another video from Kamafitness. Let’s dive into today’s presentation but before we do, get subscribing so you don’t miss a thing from us at Kamatv as we put out loads of new content each week. Meeting the right person is an already challenging thing as it is. Now, imagine how much harder it could be if you were getting into the dating scene when you are not at your “perfect or ideal” weight. You are likely to feel way more vulnerable and helpless Lose Weight To Land.

Lose Weight To Land

As accurate as this is, I do not think you have to lose weight to land a date. You are capable of landing a date even when you do not feel at your best. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and even if you have some negative thoughts about yourself, you aren’t dating you. A woman can look at you and see you differently from how you see yourself at that moment. When this happens, you can effortlessly land yourself a date. People will always see us differently from the idea we have of ourself.

The most important thing is to remember how others see us doesn’t have to always be in a negative way. Someone can see the beauty in you even when you cannot see it yourself. While you can one hundred per cent land a date when you are not your ideal self, there is a high probability of it ruining your chances of landing a date or destroying the outcome of one, its kind of that double edged sword situation. Look at it this way; whenever you feel negative about yourself, say your weight, you will subconsciously engage in self-sabotage. We all know that our thoughts more often than not manifest into actions. You will, therefore, exude behaviour that communicates that you have little to no confidence, self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth problems

In other words, you will become the kind of person who is always insecure and waiting for approval and validation from others; and then you become a needy date. Now, who will want to go on a date with such a person? Well, you guessed right, no one. Let’s say that with such low self-regard you get lucky enough to get a woman to agree to a date with you.

Which girl will want to go on a second date with a man who showed a great lack of confidence, low-esteem and was anger towards their current selves? None of course. Let’s face it. People are already too preoccupied with life’s ups and downs, trying to make something good out of it. Not to be rude, but no one has the time and energy to come and fix your confidence and self-esteem for you.

No one wants to be with someone who comes with too much baggage. Fixing yourself up is solely your work. Leave a Comment letting us know what you think. If you enjoyed make sure you like, share and subscribe! Hope you enjoy!

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