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Do girls like voyeurism?

Do girls like voyeurism?

Do girls like voyeurism?

Hey guys it’s me Iain Myles here from Kamalifestyles, and you’ll never guess what, I’m back on the streets again with my mic asking the all important questions, which we just don’t hear from the mainstream media! So if you’re sick of living in the mainstream then I’d definitely stay tuned for this one.

So today’s question is going to be all about voyeurism! To be specific, I’m going to be asking the lovely ladies of the general public whether they like the idea of voyeurism. Or should I say, whether they like the idea of being involved in an act of voyeurism.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with the term – voyeurism is basically the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they get naked or when they get engaged in a sexual activity. So my line of questioning today looks at it in a light- hearted way, I’m not trying to catch anyone out AT ALL so don’t take the answers too seriously, it’s just for fun.

Okay so I think it’s about time I head out and I get some answers from our ladies – so let’s find out how they’ll respond to this one, so stay tuned!

Do girls like voyeurism?

Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He specializes in coaching men who have been looking for dating success and chronically unlucky with women. He publishes regular infield dating videos and social experiments in KamaTV.

He’s highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, coffee shops, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating including confidence, conversational skills, connection and mind sets.

Hope you enjoy!

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Iain Myles

Iain Myles is an internationally recognised dating coach and co-owner of the UK’s largest dating coaching company, Kamalifestyles. Iain is also an internet sensation thanks to the multiple viral videos posted through the YouTube channel KamaTV, which has grossed over 100 million views.

Iain has appeared in numerous newspaper columns and radio shows across the world. He is a regular contributor to BBC Radio in the UK.