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Do girls like big or small lips on guys?

One of the great importance for the perception of beauty by humans are lips. People will argue that the size of a person’s lips determines the attractiveness of a person’

Some girls will perceive fuller lips more attractive in relation to smaller lips.

Is this true?

To an extend yes!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; one person’s opinion will differ from another’s.

Some girls like big lips on guys and others don’t.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

One guy may suit smaller lips than another, big lips suit some people better than others. It really depends on whether the size of the lips suits the man’s face.

But are women drawn to the size of a man’s lips?

One of the first things girls will notice in a guy is his mouth area, girls like a guy with good teeth, dimples and soft lips.

People’s opinions vary on what size a guy’s lips should be, some girls will claim that lips are not a major factor into a guy’s attractiveness, as long as they have something!

Don’t worry if you have small lips as some girls claim big lips can indeed be attractive, however big lips can make a guy look more feminine than masculine.

Looking like a man is way more important!

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There are many famous male actors who are known to be attractive and have small lips. To this day Leonardo DiCaprio is known to be one of the best-looking actors in Hollywood. Everyone continues to rave about his younger beauty and talent.

But guess what….

He has small lips!

Take a look for yourself……

Did this stop hundreds of women being obsessed with him?


So, don’t worry if you have small lips, you can still be perceived as good looking, and have plenty of women falling at your feet.

Do girls like big or small lips on guys?

From a guy’s perspective they say, whether girls prefer full pouty lips is dependent not only on the woman but on your age. Most guys claim that girls prefer a guy with a square jaw and thin lips.

The fact that people always forget about is that big lips are no thicker than thinner lips, speaking in terms of thickness of flesh.

This is good news for guys with small lips, as if you really get scientific with the facts you realise there is no real difference in thickness of flesh.

They are just shaped so that the lip part of the mouth is more prominent. This is caused by one’s shape of jaw and their underlying teeth. Despite appearances science shows that men have thicker lips than women.

If girls keep in mind that big lips are not actually thicker than small lips, girls could feel that there is less of a difference, than if they are focused on how large the lip size is.

So, guys don’t worry about your lip size, especially if you’re worried that you lip size will affect how good of a kisser you are, because it technically does not make a difference!

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Girls have claimed to kiss guys with both small and large lips, and have said size makes no difference, but it’s the technique of the kisser that effects how good of a kisser a guy is.

When girls are kissing guys, the last thing crossing their mind is how big the guys lips are, it’s all about technique.

Since we’re on the subject, it’s worth mentioning that relative jaw size and flexibility of a man may also affect the experience of whether they are a good kisser or not.

Not lip size!

If a guy is moving in ‘to plant one on you’, and suddenly their jaw unhinges like a snake’s, it could be a little unnerving.

I suspect technique differences overpower size difference.

Men with thinner lips have claimed they have never heard any girl complain about the size of their lips effecting their appearance or their kissing.

A study published in the journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery found that more than 60 percent of respondents picked the 1:1 ratio between the upper and lower lips as the most attractive shape.

Even though some girls will say they don’t mind smaller lips there will always be girls who do and prefer fuller lips. Not only because they claim it makes a guy more attractive but also feels better and warmer when being kissed by a guy.

Some females prefer pouty and sensual lips, as these men “tend to be more lovable and sensual than people with thin lips.”

The bigger the lips the more beauty is added to a guy’s face?

A person with bigger lips can kiss deep or passionate or lightly & it will have a specific silkiness that smaller lips don’t have.

Bigger lips can lead to messier or wetter kisses. Smaller lip kisses can be firmer since there’s less lip to make contact with and catch your kiss.

The size of your own lips can vary the effects of the kiss as well.

However, most women add it is no good having them if you don’t use your lips

(Here’s another useful resource to help you when dating women: Dating Hot Women).

Having big lips can be all good but what is your facial expression saying?

Are you saying nice words or is your lip an expression of disgust?

Are you smiling or moaning?

These things matter to women, and if a guy with small lips can control his face better than a guy with big lips, he is the chosen one.

Most women that have dated guys with small lips, claim that lip size did not really bother them, and that they didn’t think if the guy had fuller lips it would make a difference.

However, when they then dated a guy with bigger lips, they said that it was not the appearance that made much of a difference it was the type of kissing.

Guys with bigger lips can have softer kisses, and are able to handle them more, there is no massive difference but can be more preferable. Women gave the analogy of a Bratz doll and a ken doll, and that would be the difference in size.

Women claim that bigger lips feel better if you want a passionate kiss and that with smaller lips you are more likely to bump teeth together because there’s no lips to grab and it’s just tongue playing mostly.

Every opinion differs, whether girls prefer guys with small or big lips is going to be a mixed opinion depending on the person. Some girls will claim that lip size effects the guys facial feature and makes him more or less attractive.

Other girls won’t be bothered as much.

(It ultimately boils down to how much she likes you. If I were you I’d check this out: How to get a girl to like you).

While some women will state that lip size has an impact on the way a guy kisses, and smaller lips makes him more likely to be a bad kisser. However, every kiss will differ from the same person as well as person to person.

There is no definite answer to this question it really comes down to peoples own personal preference, and even if one person say they hate your lips another may love them!

A little tip on understanding the female mind, women do not only focus on

There are many other important things women look for in a man than his lip size or how good looking he is.

Such as:

  • Your energy, are you giving off positive or negative energy. The energy a man gives out is very important. Energy is all about the type of person you are and, no women wants a man that gives off “bad vibes”. This will make a woman run!
  • The way you communicate, are you clear in what you want, or do you mess girls about?
  • Women like the chase however don’t like to be running for too long! Confidence, do you have any? No women want a man that’s too shy to make the first move.
  • Personality, this is down to personal preference, and what characteristics the other person is looking for.

A man can be super good looking with amazing facial features, however if he lacks in these four main areas that women look out for, it can easily put her off.

It’s not all about looks!

Just remember that.

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