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Ditch the beta male and nurture the alpha male in you!

Hi whats up KamaTV… ditch the beta male and nurture the alpha male in you! this is the dating coach Emre from So today I am here with another exciting video where I will be talking about ditching the beta male and nurturing the alpha in you. I will also be showing you some infield clips. By the end of this video, you will learn the strategies to reframe the rejection and change the meaning of it. In this video you will also learn;

Nurture the alpha male in you!

  • Social dominance
  • Alpha body language
  • Alpha male personality traits
  • Alpha male behaviours

Gentlemen as I said before in my previous videos; we are not one of the marketing gurus and actually teach the real stuff and show you how to do it. The insights and the skills that are taught by us are based on years of experience in the real world. When put into practice, they have worked for countless clients and other guys, and I know it will work for you as well. So before we get started let’s click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many more videos will be coming to your way. So let’s watch the footage Dating coach for men

Every man wants to be the best version of himself he can ever be. Not only do men want to succeed at their jobs but also with power, prestige, with money and ultimately with women. Alpha males have the upper hand in many if not all of these areas. Most people believe that the ‘alpha male’ mentality is a myth drawn from the faulty science on the behaviour of wolves. Though the alpha-male action manifests differently in us than it does among animals, it still plays an influential role in how men become successful in different areas in their various social circles. Drawing from this, I get the question

“Can a man learn how to be an alpha male, or is it something you are either born with or not?” The truth is that anyone can learn to be an alpha male. I am going to show you how to do it; it is why I have made this video in the first place and am talking to you right now. You, however, need to learn who an alpha male is and what he is not. From a technical standpoint, an alpha male is the dominant male animal in a particular group. Therefore, as far as humans are concerned, the alpha male is usually the person who projects the highest level of social dominance. It distinguishes alpha males in the animal kingdom from human alpha males. However, it raises the question of:

  • Precisely what social dominance entails; what is it?
  • How can men master it to use it to their advantage?
  • How does it help him push further in life as far as his goals are concerned?

Social dominance among human beings has a lot to do with how others perceive you than with what one does to overpower others. Therefore, becoming an alpha male has more to do with gaining more control over your behaviour, thoughts and impulses than it does with you gaining control over someone else. With this in mind, let us look at some of the different categories, skill and traits that are encompassed within social dominance. They are the same categories to pay attention to if you wish to ditch your beta male and embrace the alpha in you.

1. Alpha body language.

Body language is mainly making a man ‘dominant’ in his interactions. The first and most obvious factor here is his body language. For instance, a man with a good body language has a load of advantages when it comes to social dominance. However, you can still learn about body language to help you improve your social game even if you are not the tallest or biggest man. There is a misperception out there that you have to be tall and big to be an alpha male. Let me put it this way it is a bs. I am honestly surprised when guys complain about not being an alpha male because lack of height and skin color guys…any other excuse you can think of as the list endless. I can count so many short mma fighters, actors, athletes, singers, business people as well as president of Russia Vladimir Putin and he is 5.6! So let’s ditch this beta male thinking and go back your core.

There are several body-language skills that you can learn to not only make you feel more confident but also to look the part. Guys confidence attracts women you better believe it. Assertive men are also more likely to get promotions, raises, and individual assignments at work. They are also more likely to be perceived to as leaders by other women and men in their social groups. Here are some solid tips for maintaining a confident-looking alpha male body language.

Hold your chin up and keep your eyes forward and your gaze aloof.

  • Back straight.
  • Relax shoulders
  • Avoid slouching
  • Make a forward lean during the conversation.
  • Make and maintain eye contact throughout your engagement.
  • Stand straight without slouching. Keep your spine straight too when seated.
  • Assume an open posture.

Remain composed and steady

Do not start fidgeting. Make sure you avoid touching your face, hair and neck when nervous. It gives it away.

  • Pocket up: you will look more assured of yourself.
  • Have slow and even movements: you do not want to be mistaken as anxious.
  • Have a firm handshake always: shows confidence.

These steps may feel strange at first. However, with practice every day, they will start to feel more natural. Within no time, you will stick to them out of habit and start looking like a dominant alpha male.

2. Alpha male personality traits.

everal personality traits are generally attributed to the alpha-male and social dominance.
They include:

  • Assertive
  • Courageous
  • Protectors
  • Natural leaders
  • Physically strong
  • Curious
  • Dominant
  • Self-sufficient

These are known as ‘instrumental traits.’ However, other alpha-male traits are more inclined to cooperation and group-dynamics. Alpha males are natural leaders; the better their leadership, the more people in their social settings will look up to them. They also have ‘expressive traits,’ that include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Altruism
  • Cooperativeness

Note that, while most of these personality traits are ‘alpha male traits,’ men hold different positions in different social circles which make humans different from other animals. So start cultivating good traits of the alpha male and make sure you are building your positive self to attract the best women and people in your life.

3. Alpha male behaviour.

The big question here is, “how important is it for an alpha-male to behave a certain way? The most prominent behavioral indicator of a genuine alpha male is within the lack of the need to show others that he is an alpha. In short, a true alpha male does not seek the approval of others. He instead focuses on being a confident, fulfilled, successful, and socially skilled man. One can easily spot fake alphas from miles from a mile away: They try too hard to show others that they are alphas however their act comes off as fake. They are always trying to one-up other men, will tend to brag and boast and will work hard to be seen in a particular light. There are several other areas that you will need to work on to altogether ditch the beta man attitude and adopt an alpha male one. They include how alpha males think and dress. Do not underestimate any of these. To fully embrace the alpha inside, you will have to work on being a full package alpha male- as opposed to attaining alpha behaviour but retain the mindset of beta man. I am sure this is a topic that we will re-visit and give you a comprehensive view. Otherwise, you have the tips to kick start your mission. Take one step at a time and do not be too hard on yourself.

Ditch the beta male and nurture the alpha male in you!

4. Focus

An alpha male has a vision and he knows what he wants out of life and exactly what he needs to do to achieve his goals. Yet, at some point all of us get distracted on our path to success. Incorrect focus is another habit you must disregard on your journey to becoming an alpha male. For example, your goal is to become successful with women. You constantly think about that new woman you “want” to meet. You check out all the bars and clubs to see where the hottest women socialise, you comb the online dating personals, pick out the best places to go on a first date, read all the best dating manuals, and so on. You would believe that this is a positive focus, because it keeps the goal constantly in your mind and your actions are that of someone who is meeting beautiful women regularly. The problem, however, is that the focus is on “getting” versus “doing”. An alpha male is actually going on the dates and experiencing success first hand. On the other hand, rather than moving toward your goal, you are simply dreaming about it. As an alpha male, with an open mind, you plant the seed, distance yourself from it, and let the universe do the rest. You must, however, be open to all possibilities without exception. That means only positive thinking, no attachments, and no labeling. An open and positive mind allows the universe to act upon your inner thought energy and create that which you seek. It’s like watching a little miracle take place. It can astound you, when you realize it’s happening.

5. It’s better to give than to receive.

An alpha male understands the power of giving. It’s the way the universe works. It’s a fundamental part of our lives. When you seek success in anything, you have a tendency to focus totally on the goal and the process of getting there. That’s a problem. The more you chase after your own goals and pursue your self-interests, the more they elude you. When you’re in a state of doing only for yourself, you are off your purpose. Remember the previous discussion on the expansion of energy? What you have inside you, you radiate. What you give off, you attract to you. If you’re focusing on your own self-interests, it’s the same as being greedy. You’re only concerned with receiving, which means you don’t give. If you don’t give, the universe doesn’t give back to you. When you freely give only to help others without concern for what you’ll receive in return, then the universe gives back to you in greater amounts. It’s as simple as that. You attract what you give, what’s inside of you. If you give love, respect and empowerment, the universe returns what you radiate sevenfold. If you give of yourself in time and money, the universe returns your giving sevenfold.

Ok Guys that’s all from me today… and I hope all the tips helped you out a lot and really appreciate that you have taken your time and watched my video. I know that it is a long video and if you are still here it means you really care about the content. Modern dating can be a little bit confusing and guys there are turning points in the stages of your dating game and knowing these turning points can accelerate your dating game very quickly. With the help of a dating coach you will feel more in control of your dating life.

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