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Dating Advice for Men Who Want to Attract Women

Dating Advice for Men Who Want to Attract Women

Not all of us are born with impeccable social skills and attraction charm.

That’s why we write blogs like this to help guys learn and improve their dating skills.

Dating Advice for Men

Dating is not the easiest sport for most men because we are always on the defensive. We are hunters so we always chase. But is that a problem?

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to a winning dating mindset.

When we were hunters, we created traps so that we won’t work too hard to get our meals. The advice you’ll get after reading the blog will make you work smart as a hunter.

An online search for partners is as equally challenging as approaching a lady at the mall. You experience the same anxiety but with different intensities.

In this blog, we’ll look at dating advice that will cut across online shopping and cold approach.

Here are 10 dating tips for guys that want to attract women:

1. Authenticity will make your dating life easy.

You’ll get a tonne of dating advice on the internet, but none of it will be useful if it doesn’t blend well with your personality.

Dating is an extension of you, not an opportunity for you to create a new personality.

Dating Advice for Men

One of the challenges that guys face is communicating their genuine selves to the women they are attracted to.

It becomes so easy to jump into character when you are focused on impressing the woman. However, it hardly works because women are attracted to men, they feel they are limited edition.

Every guy has a wow factor that makes them different from the pack.

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It’s that wow factor that makes a woman attracted to you and not the previous guy that approached her.

Bad boys have perfected displaying their wow factor, and that attracts women to them.

Authenticity makes your dating life easy because it also communicates your boundaries. There’s a lot of compromise in modern dating, but you’ll be happier when the woman you want understands your boundaries before starting to make a compromise dating coach for men.

You c  an become authentic in your dating life and attract women by facing your fears and insecurities. Insecurity is what can push you to be someone you are not, and fear of rejection or isolation takes you further from yourself.

2. Build an engaging conversation.

It’s easy to get caught in the hype of going out with a hot girl. You’ll want her to see the best side of you. But even though women desire men they know and understand, they are more attracted to men than know and understand them.

You know about a woman you met when they open up about themselves. The magic about conversation goes beyond words because during conversation, connection and trust builds.

Nevertheless, the connection and trust can only build when she starts to show you her vulnerability.

Start the conversation from a neutral point then allow the conversation to take a life of its own but stay in control of the structure.

You can stay in control by transitioning and bridging the topics to escalate the conversation. For example;

You: I love this restaurant. I can’t get enough of their burgers. (You are making yourself social proof at the same time you are inspiring comfort in the conversation.)

Her: I always come here for the steak. (She’s comfortable sharing the same level of personal information with you.)

An engaging conversation is team effort.

Don’t allow yourself to carry the burden of entertaining her throughout the conversation. But the first few minutes of your interaction, you’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of keeping the conversation going.

Here are tips of how to build an engaging conversation:

✔ Build the woman’s confidence in you.
✔ Introduce intense emotions in the conversation.
✔ Use baits in the conversation to make the woman more invested.
✔ Inject sense of humor to balance emotions in the conversation.
✔ Don’t be afraid to explore topics that are a bit controversial but not offensive.

3. Time and escalate

Dating and attracting women is like playing chess. You bait the woman you desire then advance. That makes timing in dating a crucial factor.

First, when you take too long before advancing the woman will think you are not interested in her. If you advance too early, you might come off as desperate or starved. Either way, you lose her!

Nothing displays your intention and communicates your interest clearly like escalation.

Escalation illuminates your sex appeal and builds sexual tension, which makes the woman feel more attracted to you.

Escalation allows you to dig for deeper emotional connection and trust.

The best escalation technique is opening up your vulnerability to a level you want her to match. For example;

You: Talking about family, I have been in foster homes most of my life… (This is a deep and personal revelation about yourself. It invokes deep emotions.)

Her: That must have been challenging for you growing up. (She is investing in your story and that makes her vulnerable too.)

You: Yeah, that’s why I’m reserved mostly. What was your childhood like? (You are turning the table to explore her vulnerability.)

That gives you the chance to escalate the conversation from small talk to meaningful interaction.

A woman will be more attracted to you the more she opens up because she’ll feel you are easy to talk to and you are a good listener.

4. Confidence is your wingman

Women find confidence to be a very attractive quality in men.

It doesn’t matter how you look, when you are confident, it will override all your other flaws. However, most guys know that confidence is a crucial spice and they try to act it on dates.

The downside of trying to be confident is you might overdo it or underdo it, which can trigger doubt. Once a woman doubts your intentions, she starts drifting from you. When you are trying to be something you are not, it takes away your element of authenticity.

When you’re exploring confidence that will attract women to you, consider both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. Your nonverbal cues reveal more about you than what you say.

The best way to display confidence is by working on your presentation. When you approach a woman, display your confidence by maintaining confident body posture and eye contact. Smiling lightens the mood because there’s always tension when strangers start interacting.

You can build your confidence to attract women by making yourself comfortable around women. Most of the time we go out of character when we meet the women we want because we don’t know how to interact with women.

Explore various social settings that will expose you to meet different types of women.

5. Listen with the intent to understand

85% of what most people learn is through listening.

Listening is an important skill to have, especially in the dating scene. The magic happens when you are not looking.

Women are attracted to men that understand them and listening can give you deep insights about a woman’s life and preferences.

One of the common mistakes that most guys make is approaching a woman with a fixed agenda. You want to take the woman home, and so you don’t take a step back to savor the process.

It’s an uphill task trying to wow a woman you don’t understand.

Listening with the intent to understand the woman opens you up to her world. You’ll know what she likes and what turns her off. It will become easy for you to impress her because you know what to avoid.

Another hack that listening gives you in modern dating is you’ll never run out of things to say.

Awkward silence in the middle of a conversation can give rise to doubts. But you can transition and bridge topics in the conversation if you are listening to her because you have the conversation hooks that will keep the conversation going.

6. It’s not a life-or-death situation

Dating is one of the most exciting stages of building a relationship. It’s characterized by so much adrenaline and excitement because it’s a new toy. But dating is not your life’s purpose unless you make it.

One thing that makes dating a monster are the rejections that you have to handle before getting one girl that will accept you.

So, this fear is passed down from father to son. We have a tag of words in our heads before approaching a woman, and by the time we make a decision the chance has already slipped.

The fear of rejection, competing for women, and a fixed mindset make the stakes very high when you approach a woman.

You don’t want to be rejected and you have no option but to have her, so you push your boundaries as far as possible to accommodate the woman. While you may see it as being nice at the moment, it’s desperation. It makes you the ‘Yes guy’.

Approach dating to have fun and meet new people!

Make peace with the fact that you might not get what you want. It will not make you lazy in the process but open-minded. You’ll feel more relaxed when the stakes are not high, which can boost your confidence tremendously.

You’ll attract a woman with your positivity and confidence. When you are having fun, the energy can be contagious and the woman might find herself enjoying it. Women let down their guard when they are having fun, which gives you a chance to connect emotionally.

7. Meet somewhere that inspires your element

When I started dating, I wish someone would have told me this.

It’s cool to want to impress a woman by taking her to a place she loves for a date. But if you are not comfortable with the place, you’ll lose the woman you want to impress.

You are more cautious when you are in a new environment. The state of being too self-aware of your environment can increase stress and anxiety levels, which will affect your confidence. For example;

If you go to a club, the noise might make it difficult for you to connect with the woman you desire. When you go for a luxurious dinner date, you’ll have to dress up and step into a certain character.

There’s no problem with going to a club or five-star dinner date. But these environments restrict you to act in a certain way, which might not highlight your strengths. A woman will be attracted to you because of your strengths because that’s what makes you unique.

The best place to go with a woman for a date or meet women are places you are comfortable with. They inspire you to be in your element and highlight your strengths. For example, if you met your date at the gym, you can go for a hike on the first date.

A workout is something you enjoy, which will make you an interesting person to talk to at that moment. We have different ways of looking at the same things when we are having fun and when uncomfortable. Your conversation will be interesting and that will draw the woman towards you.

8. First impression sticks

It’s so hard not to judge a book by its cover when it comes to social interactions.

When you approach a woman for the first time, she will have an opinion of you before you talk. She will have a deeper opinion of you once you’ve introduced yourself.

Even though the first impression is not always the accurate expression of a person’s character, most people use it as a self-preservation technique. Women will judge you based on the first impression you give to try and determine your intention and understand your personality.

It becomes very difficult to attract a woman once she has a negative first impression of you. Work on your grooming and style because her eyes will drop the first judgment hammer.

Your body language and other nonverbal cues will drop the final judgment hammer. Building a killer first impression can make a woman attracted to you. Once a woman is attracted to you, she overlooks some of your flaws which makes interacting with her easy and fun.

How to make a killer first impression:

✔ Take time on your grooming and dress to impress.
✔ Walk with an upright body posture and maintain eye contact.
✔ A firm handshake communicates confidence.
✔ Speak in a slow, clear, and slightly deep voice.
✔ Keep away all distractions such as phones.

9. Don’t overthink it.

Women are not the mythical creatures that most men make them out as, i.e. “You can never understand a woman.” or “Women are from another moon.” It’s challenging to impress a person you know you’ll never understand. It gives you more pressure because now you have to think of extra-terrestrial ways of impressing them.

Being yourself and just approaching things the way you see them is the best way to attract a woman. When you approach a beautiful woman, there’s probably nothing that you’ll tell her that she hasn’t heard before.

But she has never heard from you.

Let her experience you the way you are because that’s the only way to highlight your uniqueness. Being rejected doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful, it’s a personal decision that might have nothing to do with you.

Don’t overthink how you’ll impress a woman and attract her. Allow her to be part of your normal life and watch the magic happen.

10. Understand yourself

Dating is challenging because most people don’t understand themselves well enough to know what they want in relationships. Understanding yourself gives you insights into your dating goals and the type of woman you want.

You see, when you approach a woman just because she’s good looking, you might not have much to build on and attract the woman. But when you understand yourself and what you want in a woman, you’ll see the qualities you desire in a woman you approach. You’ll have so much to build on, which will inspire interest and attraction.

What are you willing to give? What are you willing to take? Attracting a woman can come about naturally without trying when you display something she needs, and she offers something you want.

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