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Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Tom had never been able to settle down. He always seemed to fall into relationships with women he wasn’t really attracted to, convincing himself that they were right for him because he couldn’t do any better.

In his professional life he seldom deals with customers or clients and spend most of his time working in his own office, separated from other people. Never having married, Tom started feeling like there was something wrong with him.

Nearing 50, he was still alone and had no idea how to start conversations with or meet the women he was really interested in.

A friend told Tom about Kama Lifestyles and he decided to contact the company for a free consultation to find out more about the dating coaching classes they offer. After listening to Tom’s story and concerns, the consultant explained that Tom lacked the confidence and social skills he needed to connect with people.

As he spent most of his time in isolation, his communication skills needed polishing. The consultant worked with Tom to set some realistic goals and explained that the skills he needed could be learned by anyone.

In fact, we learn our social skills from those around us. Courses like those offered by dating coaches merely speed up the learning process. As the company offers a full money-back guarantee, Tom signed up for a course.

The first (and most important) lesson Tom learned was that only he could change his life. Meeting attractive women has little to do with money, looks or status.

He had to work on his confidence and self-esteem, ridding himself of his negative beliefs and thought patterns before learning the techniques he needed to attract others.

These skills and techniques are not limited to dating. They affect all aspects of life and improving one’s skills can be seen as a lifetime investment.

Improved confidence coupled with better communication and social skills makes it easier to approach people in social and professional situations.

The next step in Tom’s learning plan involved understanding how to use non verbal communication skills, or body language, to his benefit.

Body language involves all the non verbal messages we give off, consciously and unconsciously. The way we present ourselves, the way we walk, sit and stand, and the way we look at others all give off messages about how we feel about ourselves and other people. Tom tended to look down and slouch.

He wouldn’t make eye contact for more than a moment, and once he had locked eyes with a woman he was interested in he was clearly intimidated.

As body language is not his only method of communication, Tom learned how to approach women and engage them in conversation. His verbal communication skills, storytelling ability and sexual communication abilities improved, allowing him to comfortably engage anyone, anywhere.

The training is divided into theory and practical parts and Tom was given the opportunity to see the techniques he had learned in action before practicing them under his coach’s supervision.

Tom met Mandy while out shopping shortly after his Kama Lifestyles training. She is everything he has always wanted in a woman and he has never been happier.

Communication Skills

Although she is considerably younger than he is, he has decided to ask her to marry him and is confident that she will say yes. Having learned how to communicate properly, being honest and direct from the outset, he made it clear when they met that he was looking for someone to settle down with.

Although he had dated a few other women, he is sure that Mandy is the right one for him.

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