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“Gentleman’s Ultimate Online Confidence Programme”

Price: $497

The Sexual Master

“Gentleman’s Online Program To Becoming The Best Lover In Bed”

Price: $169

sexual master
conversation booster

Conversation Booster

“Discover How To Talk To Women, Get Dates & Make Them Want You”

Price: $497

Script Builder

“Quickly Create Amazing Scripts That Land Dates and Never Run Out of Things to Say”

Price: $576

script builder


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dating coach for men

You guys are a gem to all men. I completed the five-module program about two weeks ago, and the outcome is impressive. We are having more sex than we even did on campus. You guys just saved my relationship. Cheers!!

dating coach for men

My sex life was okay, but it doesn’t hurt getting more information to spice things up. I got this sexual master program, and it has given me a whole new perspective on sex. I think this program should be for every guy, not just those who think they are poor in bed. It has a more feminine approach to sex, and once you have that perspective plus what you know, you will have more sex than you can handle.

dating coach for men

Where were you guys all this time? I need to be part of your in-house programs. I could not make a girl stay for two nights, and now I have to kick them out!! Wow! The dynamics of this program on how to approach sex is new and exciting. Excellent program, guys.

Dating master

You can never go wrong with the script builder!! Wow, the Kamalifestyles’ script builder is one of the most amazing tools for any guy that wants to increase their success with women. I attended the Kamalifestyles training in 2018 when I was just fresh off college. I struggled to get women because I would freeze each time I wanted to approach a beautiful woman. I had dated before, but the relationship was not fulfilling because I was dating a girl that knew I would never go anywhere. The relationship got toxic, and I left. I was single for a long time until I was introduced to Kamalifestyles by my mate. I remember my coach giving me a script builder and telling me to make it my own before approaching women. I used it without changing much, and it worked wonders for me. Now I have it all packed in one! Thumbs up Kamalifestyles for sharing this with the world.
Lode, England

dating coach for men

Five-star rating for the Kamalifestyles script builder. I have been struggling with low self-esteem for a long time. It affected my dating life because I would experience approach anxiety each time I wanted to approach a woman. The feeling of wanting to have a date, but not being able to get one was frustrating for me. I bumped into Kamalifestyles when I was seeking for help to be able to get dates. I did my Kamalifestyles sessions online, and I was given the script builders to work on how I approach and talk to women. The script builders are the best thing that ever happened to me and my dating life. It works. I tailored them based on my own personality. On my first try, I got a girl, and we dated for two years before we got married. I always celebrate you Kamalifestyles for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life.
Tyler, New York

Dating master

Wow! The script builder changed my life. I have been trying different tools from other dating companies to make myself better with women. Honestly didn’t get the result. I have been watching their youtube channel and when I heard about the script builder, I knew that they developed a tool that would work perfectly for me. My biggest challenge was talking to women because my head will be blank each time I faced a hurdle in the conversation. The script builder has helped me avoid conversation traps and taking the lead in the conversation while creating the illusion that she has control. I am now living life in the fast lane because ladies cannot get enough of me.
Lameck, Sweden