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Best way to get a girl if you are not good looking

Best way to get a girl if you are not good looking
Best way to get a girl if you are not good looking. What happens when you feel you have to change something you have no control over? Dating has a way to trigger insecurity in people because you have to consider what people (in this case women) think about you.
Men and women approach dating differently. However, the disconnect comes when men assume that women are lured by the same things they desire and vice versa.
Most guys will look at a woman and if they are impressed with how they look, that can be a motivation to chase after the girl. Women on the other hand play a different ball game.
Looks play a crucial role in dating but not as many guys think. It will be challenging for you to approach a woman you want if you don’t feel good enough for her. For most guys that think they are handsome, the mindset gives them the confidence needed to approach and score a woman they want.
I engaged various dating coaches for men experts, behavioral specialists, and sociologists to understand what is the best way to get a girl if you are not good looking. In this blog, I’ll reveal to you some of the surefire ways to get the girls you want even if you feel your physical looks play against you.
1.      Build supreme confidence
The best way to get a girl if you are not good looking is to build supreme confidence. Building supreme confidence is easier said on paper than put in action. The core of building supreme confidence lies in you changing your mindset about yourself from defeating to winning.
Confidence boosts your sex appeal to women. You’ll begin to attract women to you rather than chasing after heartbreaks. When a woman is attracted to you, she becomes easily agreeable to your advances even if you’ve just met.
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Building confidence in yourself can inspire a daring personality in you. You’ll find that you are approaching more women than you are right now.
Even if you are at the epitome of confidence it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get all the women you approach. However, you have the courage and grace to take rejection and maintain your momentum in approaching and gaming women. You’ll eventually have girls chasing after you.
Tips on how to build supreme confidence 
    • Master how to manage your emotions. We are capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and that can be used to build your confidence every time you feel you are low. Think of something positive that makes you happy when you feel your confidence is taking direct hits from undesirable emotions.
    • Focus on what you are good at. You start enjoying the winning side of you when you focus on what you are good at. Continuous wins will give you the morale to take on bigger challenges.
    • Silence your inner critic. Take time off judging yourself every time you feel you’ve screwed up. When you are kind to yourself, you’ll find that mistakes become a chance to learn and not something that pulls your confidence down.
  • Expose yourself to women. You’ll become more comfortable around women the more you interact with them. Your confidence with women starts skyrocketing once you feel like you understand them and you can easily talk to them.
2.      Master the art of communication
It’s funny how most people talk but only a few people communicate. They only follow one principle of communication which is talk, and they forget another crucial principle which is to listen. Mastering the art of communication is the best way to get a girl if you are not good looking.
Women are attracted to guys because of the feelings they inspire in them. Confident guys inspire a feeling of stability in women and that’s why most women are attracted to them.
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Best way to get a girl if you are not good looking

You can get a girl even if you are not good-looking because a girl’s biggest sexual organ is her mind. Skilled conversationalists understand how to inspire emotions in a conversation. You can use your conversation skills to flirt and build irresistible sexual tension that will make you overlook your looks.
Tips on mastering communication skills
    • Work on your listening skills. Listening gives you an upper hand in the conversation. When you are able to control the direction of the conversation, you can decide which emotions you want to dominate during the conversation.
    • Ask questions. Most people feel shy to ask questions because they’ll be deemed not smart enough. But asking questions is a crucial skill because it can also be used to take control of the conversation. Also, it makes a woman comfortable around you because it communicates interest.
      • Understand your audience. When you approach a girl and she’s having a rough day, starting to flirt with her may get you ignored or rejected. Understanding your audience helps you to build your approach which can potentially reduce resistance.
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3.      Work on your appearance
When you want to attract girls, you have to get noticed. How you inspire girls to notice you will go a long way in how they treat you.
When your face is all you’ll have, your best bet is to know how to work with it. The best way to get a girl if you are not good looking is to work on your appearance.
How you appear is more crucial to women than your looks. You can have George Clooney’s face but if you don’t have the style, you’ll just be another guy.
Most guys think girls refer to facial features and structure when identifying a good-looking guy. Although the face can be a plus, it’s not the only aspect women consider. Girls consider your sense of style, grooming, charm, and class.
Building your appearance can inspire a positive first impression that can attract women to you. It also boosts your confidence and perception of self-worth.
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Tips on how to work on your appearance
      • Work on a style that compliments your body and personality. Avoid dress code stereotypes that can inspire a biased negative first impression.
      • Take your grooming to the next level. Good grooming improves your appearance and makes people comfortable around you which can be instrumental in getting girls.
      • Possess a confident posture. A good posture boosts your sex appeal to the girls. It communicates confidence and also inspires comfort.
4.      Try alternative dating options
The fear of being rejected because of how you look can make you scared of meeting girls. Online dating can be the best way to get a girl if you are not good looking. You have the option to choose how people see you.
For example, apps like tinder, girls swipe left or right depending on preference. You’ll interact with girls that already know how you look and they are comfortable with it. That will give you the confidence to talk to the girls that are a match.
Online dating exposes you to thousands of women who are looking for different qualities in guys. However, how you present yourself in the online dating scene is what determines your success.
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Build an engaging online profile that will make girls curious about you (don’t lie or exaggerate your abilities). Women like where the fun is and if your profile communicates fun, she’ll overlook other things.
Nevertheless, to conquer online dating you still need crucial skills like communication and confidence. It’s just a medium to meet girls but if you keep the girl it will depend on your set of skills.
5.      Stop chasing after girls.
The best way to get a girl if you are not good looking is to stop chasing after girls. Once you feel that you are not good-looking, it means that you’ll always play the underdog in the dating world.
You’ll approach women out of desperation because you feel that you are lacking something. That makes you susceptible to rejections which will make you feel worse about yourself.
The best approach is to draw the focus back to you. Improving yourself increases your value which can make it easier for you to find a beautiful date.
When you stop chasing girls, you’ll start building your confidence and appreciating your strengths. You’ll know what you want in a girl, which will make it easier for you to attract and score the girl you want.
Final Take
You can have award-winning looks, but if you don’t believe it, you’ll struggle like the rest. Changing your mindset and perception of yourself is the best way to get a girl if you are not good looking.
Emotional connection can supersede most of the artificial aspects that people think trigger attraction. Mastering how to build an emotional connection with girls and how you look will not be a relevant factor. Self-awareness is the best place to begin if you want to be an emotional magnet.
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