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Best compliments to give a woman

Best compliments to give a woman

Best compliments to give a woman. Complimenting a woman you desire can be an elusive concept especially when you are romantically interested in the woman. You value her opinion after the compliment which can trigger anxiety.


One of the common compliment mistakes that guys make is telling a woman she’s pretty. Well, it can be an awesome compliment if you’re looking for friendship. But it is a grave mistake if you’re interested in the woman romantically.


In this blog, we’ll explore different scenarios and the best compliments to give a woman in those scenarios that will make you memorable to her


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Best compliments for a woman you just met.


How you compliment a woman you just met, can give away your intention. However, a common mistake that guys make is trying to hide their intention behind the compliment. Most women can decipher the malice and you’ll lose her before you even start.


One of the things you’ll need to remember when complimenting a woman you just met is to avoid physical compliments. Most women have silent physical insecurities, and what might impress you physically about her might not be in her good books.


Your compliment will trigger her insecurity and it will make it challenging for you to connect with her emotionally.


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To play in a safe zone, let’s look at the best compliments to give a woman you just met:


Keep it casual.


Sexual compliments can come off as creepy when you don’t have a sexual rapport and trust with the woman. Keeping your compliments casual builds the woman’s confidence in you because they seem genuine.


For example,


You: We’ve not even talked for 5 minutes and you are already cracking my ribs. I like your sense of humor. (Saying that “I like your…” makes your compliment subjective to you. That’s a sneaky way to compliment a woman because it’s challenging to know which sides of us will impress a person. For you, it’s the sense of humor.)


Keep simple and genuine.


It’s rare to find a woman rejecting a friendly compliment. However, there’s a thin line between a friendly compliment and a romantic one.


Keeping your compliments simple and genuine can make them come off as friendly.


For example,


That dress flatters your curves and makes you look like a goddess. (It’s a good compliment but it can easily pass as a flirt.)


That dress looks good on you. (You assume that she already knows the dress looks good on her and that’s why she wore it. But you are reaffirming what she knows which will make the compliment seem more friendly and genuine.)


Don’t disqualify others to impress her.


It’s a weakness in us guys. When you desire a woman, you try everything to make her feel special around you. But your attempt to make the woman feel like the only girl in the world can backfire on you.


If you’ve just met a girl, she’ll analyze everything you say to get a rough idea of the type of guy you are. That means your compliments will be analyzed too.


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When you disqualify other women with your compliments to impress her, she’ll assume that’s the kind of person you are. You’ll disqualify her to another woman to impress the woman.


For example,


You: You are not like other women. You are so easy to talk to. (When you disqualify other women, you introduce other women in the conversation. She’ll be skeptical about how you relate with women and what you want from her. That can trigger doubt making it hard for you to connect.)


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Inspire comfort and trust.


The best compliments to give a woman you just met are the ones that inspire comfort and trust. Sexual compliments can make you look desperate or only interested in sticking your hand in the cookie jar.



Compliments that inspire comfort and trust are generated from what only a keen eye can see. When you compliment a woman on something she thinks most people don’t notice, it gives you an advantage.


It makes the woman see that you are not the stereotypical man and your interest is genuine.


For example,


You: You are so passionate about fashion. That explains your impeccable taste in fashion. (You’ve found something that she’s good at and highlighted it. That shows her that you are interested in her as a person and not someone to get you laid. That can build comfort and trust in your chat.)


A relationship takes time to build and sometimes you want to switch a friendly or professional relationship into a romantic one. Compliments can play a great role in the transition because they give away your intention and show your affection.


Compliments can make a woman start viewing you as a potential boyfriend rather than a friend or colleague. A sneaky way to compliment a woman you know is not making the compliments sexual but you can attach sexual innuendos to them.


It’s quite easy to compliment a woman you know. But if not done right, it can make things weird between you.


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Let’s see how you can get it right:


Show her how you value her.


The best compliment to give a woman you know is one that will express her value in your life. People feel good when their ideas and perspective help others.


When you show a woman how much you value her in your life, she’ll be drawn to you more because she believes she has a positive impact on your life.


For example,


You: You are very intelligent. I learn a great deal from you. The guy who’ll have your heart will be very lucky. (You’ve shown her the value she adds to your life, and show how you’ll view her if you ever date.)


She’ll start thinking about how you could turn out if she dated you. That’s the type of curiosity that best compliments trigger in women.


Push the boundaries.


Transitioning a relationship from friendly or professional to romantic requires a certain degree of delicacy or you’ll lose the woman. Men with a high success rate with women understand the crucial role that compliments can play to push boundaries.


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You have unspoken boundaries in your current situation. The best compliment to give a woman would be one that pushes the woman’s boundaries to see you as a potential boyfriend.


For example,


You: You are hilarious. I’d like to take you for lunch so you can crack out my ribs. (You have complimented the woman but what is not very vivid is the fact you asked her out for lunch.)


Best compliments to give a woman

Toying with the idea of taking a woman out can actually materialize. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the dating book. It works perfectly for guys that are shy around women.


Create an idea of a future together.


One thing that women desire most when looking for a man is the security they provide. A woman will be attracted to a guy because he assures her of emotional security.



Complimenting a woman in a way that creates an idea of a future with her can trigger her interest in you. It shows how committed you can get if you had a shot with her.


For example,


You: I love your perspective of life and what you value. If we had kids, they’d be geniuses. (You’ve complimented her but at the same time introduced an aspect of a future together.)


That will keep the woman’s curiosity jogging on what if it actually happens. She’ll start looking for reasons why it might be a good idea if you had a future together.


Understand a woman better.


You might know a woman but not understand her. If you want a woman to be interested in you romantically, you’ll stand a better chance if you understand what she desires romantically.


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You can use compliments to understand the woman better and know how to score her. The advantage of using compliments is that it makes a woman feel good. That might prompt her to tell you more than you anticipated.


For example,


You: I like how you are passionate about traveling. Where’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been? (Your compliment will prompt her to tell you in detail what you want to know. She’ll try to show you her passion for traveling which means she’ll tell you more than she would have without the compliment.)


Best compliments to give a woman you are dating.


Compliments can be used to spice up your romantic life. When complimenting a woman you are dating can be translated as a show of affection. Your girl will in return also try to show you affection in ways you like.


The best style of complimenting a woman you are dating is by making her feel special and confident. Randomly tell her how beautiful she looks.



You can give physical compliments to a woman you are dating because there’s more to the relationship than physical attraction. You know what she’s physically insecure about. The woman will perceive your physical compliment as a way to boost her confidence.


Sexual compliments can be a useful tool in your relationship because it creates sexual tension. It also makes the woman more comfortable around you because your compliments overshadow her insecurities.




The best compliments to give a woman are ones that are memorable and words have meaning. When you are genuine with your compliments, you’ll attach an emotion to them even if it’s not sexual.


It can seem tempting to want to compliment a woman about her curves but that will only show your physical interest in her. Take time to understand a woman and highlight something remarkable about them. That’s a genuine compliment.


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