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Attracting Women! infield video

Hey guys it’s me Iain Myles here, attracting women and I’m back for yet another infield video today. Gents it’s the summer time now, or at least for those of you who live in the northern hemisphere like me. And the summer time is just prime for going out as there are so many girls out wearing next to nothing, the day’s are super long and people are so much more upbeat when the weather’s good which is great. I reckon there’s more alcohol going round too. You know if it was up to me I would personally wear shorts all year round if I could, I just can’t stand wearing trousers anymore! So anyway, today I’m going to show you a bit of real- life infield footage. Oh yes guys the footage is 100% legit I promise you. So in this footage I cold approach this really gorgeous British chick with an amazing body, right off the street and get her number, it’s a solid solid interaction so do check it out. Guys before we get into it though I just want to remind you of my facebook and instagram pages – don’t forget to follow me on these various social media pages which you find by watching my video. So anyway and without further adieu let’s watch the footage and let’s see how I got on!

Okay I can recall some of you guys have been commenting on my videos in the past; saying how British girls are harder to hook up with relative to say foreign girls… well I beg to differ and it’s just your limiting belief it’s not entirely true. The problem here is you’re actually not being honest with yourself. You have to kind of ask yourself, what type of girl do you really like ? If you prefer a latina chick then there’s nothing wrong with that and go for it. Or likewise if you prefer an asian looking chick, then go for that too! You’re probably thinking, what’s the relevance of this in terms of getting success with British girls… well… the reason I say this is is because you will generally perform better, you’ll be able to close better, those girls you’re actually attracted to. So if to this day you’ve been getting blown out by British chicks but you hook up with Latina chicks, that kinda tells me you’re actually attracted to the latter.

You still might not think so, which is fine but just ask yourself what it is you’re really looking for. I suppose you also have to appreciate that we mix with many different cultures, especially if you live in a big city it’s like a huge mosh pit, and so you’re running the same type of game on girls from various various different cultures. So you will naturally get different responses and you may be tested more so by say British chicks than you would by a Spanish chick, just for example. So be aware of that fact when you’re going out as it might be worth stealthily adapting your approach and what you say in order to agree with that cultural norm. For me, personally, I do hook up with British chicks as well as Foreign chicks I don’t really have a preference for either. In fact, I just go for what my eyes draw me to, if she’s stunning then she’s stunning. I wouldn’t judge the girl based on where she’s from, where she works or how she speaks or even the manner of which she communicates from a cultural standpoint, as long as she’s a nice girl… and hot, then it’s fine!

So what’s the story behind the approach? Well I literally just arrived in Central London after a long day’s work at the Kamalifestyles headquarters, I was running a bit late in fact. So as I’m walking through the masses and masses of tourists and people, I see the girl from really far away. It was actually my first approach of the day in fact, I kind of wasn’t feeling super sharp but I was feeling good and you know what I just jumped right in. Guys I just love doing this stuff, for me this is like a sport and I find meeting new girls and the manner of cold approach so fascinating. So I run up to this girl and approach her. When we’re standing there for a bit longer I look right into her big blue eyes and I can kinda see or should I say I kinda feel that she’s attracted to me. I kinda have an intuition for this from doing this for a like a “century” when a girl’s really hooked or not. She couldn’t take her eyes off of me in the sense that she kept maintaining the eye contact which was really nice. Which leads me onto my next point – how did I get her hooked so well at that point?

Okay I’m going to go off on a slight tangent here but it’s relevant to the success in this interaction. When I released my last video some guys were saying – and I won’t name and shame – but some guys were saying how I’ve changed, they said my energy’s gone lower… you know who you are! Well yeah, of course, we do change over time, we do evolve. And in terms of the game aspect, you don’t need to be spitting out line after line like a machine gun to get the girl, the main thing is is to believe in yourself, believe that you’re competent enough to do it and just believe you can do it. And that belief will show in your eyes when you interact with the girls it really will. To be honest guys, I’m a little lazy when it comes to meeting and approaching women, I must admit, and I have it in my mind to exert the minimal minimal effort in order to get laid. I bet some of you guys are like “YES I like the sound of this I don’t need to do anything to get laid”. When I say “lazy” I don’t mean I’m not motivated to go out or to approach, no! It’s simply that I can’t be bothered to throw flashy routines and make up fancy stories and try to be perfect conversationalist. I prefer to save my energy for later on in the night or when I’m coaching my clients to give them the best experience and value. So anyway when I come in into a new interaction I will really believe in myself, that belief is critical to your success.

I must say though, and please take this with a real pinch of salt here,.. one thing I’ve realised is it’s important to work out and look trendy. Okay look, I’m not advocating that you now focus entirely on your looks as I don’t want you to create a belief in that it’s all about looks which is completely false. Let me give you a bit of background to this – I sometimes go out with Mr Kamalifestyles himself, we’re out in the top bars and clubs in London and so when we’re out we always see or come across that really tall 6 foot 5 David Gandy looking guy at the clubs. You know what I’m talking about there’s always one of them there. He just stands there with his cool- looking mates or he’s on a table at the club… I look at the guy and my first unconscious reaction is like WOW he must be getting some serious action, but then in reality and simply by being around these guy’s in the clubs you realise the guy’s simply not hooking up. Why?

Well believe it or not he doesn’t have any game whatsoever and, yes, it really does matter!!… I mean he might give off a good first impression, a GREAT first impression in fact, but then after the first few seconds of any interaction with a girl, the girl just loses interest as he doesn’t know how to establish a decent connection with her and he just self- sabotages the interaction by doing something stupid or getting too drunk. You know typically these guys will be making out with the girl, full on, ALL night but they don’t end up hooking up with her – the girl’s get bored, the sexual tension just dies out and they just walk off. It’s really funny because we end up taking their girls home when the clubs finish and they’re just running around the place like a headless chicken looking for where the girl’s went……I snigger when I’m leaving the clubs with the girls – I look through the club window and I can see the guy’s are in there looking quite frustrated, they just don’t know what hit them. I mean of course this is a bit of a generalisation and I’m SURE there’s a tall dude like this who goes out and kills it all the time but guys it’s so so rare I’m telling you, I’ve never seen it myself.

Attracting Women! infield video

So yeah, coming back to the comment about how I look different – yeah I have been working out in the gym myself and taking care of my look because it just gives me a few more seconds in that interaction, if not a few seconds at the very least just 1 more second, to establish a good first impression. I mean come on guys let’s be honest we are all naturally drawn to those who dress well, those who smell good. We’re unconsciously drawn to them. I actually had a really interesting one recently where I see this real honey walk past me one night. It’s quite late at night, I’m at the city centre and there’s very few people around, I look ahead and I see her walking towards me from far away, I see she’s curvy in the right places, boobs, thin waist and lovely shaped hips oh my god, she’s latin looking and really pretty and exotic looking. So anyway, I let her pass me so she doesn’t think I’m yet another club promoter, I would recommend you do the same guys just let her pass you and then spin around and approach her.

So I then run up to her and approach her and she kinda looks at me from the corner of her eye and just walks off and thinks nothing of it. But then guys the most amazing thing happens… after a few seconds she just stops right in her tracks, just stops like she got hit by lightening or something – it was like a movie scene honestly, she then slowly begins to turn around and then responds to my opener – I think I used my standard line I asked her if she was Spanish or Latin or something like that – so she turns her head and quietly responds when she’s a good 4 metres away. I couldn’t really hear what she said so I then walk back up to her and start talking to her. It was a weird looking approach but awesome awesome, she gave me another chance because I gave off a good first impression in the first few seconds. So yeah definitely a good idea to hit the gym and lose that excess body fat around your gut when you’re getting into this. You will definitely pull more, guys! Okay but I have to repeat myself here and just clarify what I’m saying here once again. I’m not saying that you now live at the gym, that you start shouting, “YEAH BUDDY”, like Ronnie Coleman and you don’t go out and practice your game, no! You still need to know how to approach properly, you still need to know what to say and how to lead the interaction so don’t get complacent about it either.

Alright guys sadly that’s all from me today but do not despair! as I’ll be back with more action- packed footage for you. Also don’t forget to check out my eBook Carpe Diem – it’s a system to meet, approach and attract girls during the day. I wrote the book because a lot of clients were coming up to me and telling me how they couldn’t go out to the bars and clubs when they had work the next day. Or they couldn’t even date properly as they have an early wake up the next day. Well if you fall into this category then you’re better off approaching and meeting women during the day, it could be on the way to work or even when you’re on your lunch break. You could even do it on a Saturday afternoon too! So that’s the beauty of it and you can still go about your work life as you did. I touch on these things in my Book in much more detail so don’t miss out ! Also as I mentioned earlier on don’t forget to follow me on my various social media handles as I post content on there too.

I’m Iain Myles and I’ll see you next time!

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