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Attract Girls With Your Energy!

Hey guys it’s Iain here, attract girls with your energy! hope you’ve been applying the tips from my recent videos and you better be getting yourself out there and taking action! So I’m back with yet another infield video for you today. Before we get to it though, before we get going, I just wanted to encourage you to sign- up to our regular free newsletter at Kamalifestyles, which is also known as the Kama Private Lounge. In the newsletter we will be sharing with you the very latest self- development insights, the latest confidence tips and there will be much much more! You will also be the first to know about the latest offers and deals from us at Kamalifestyles. In fact,

Attract Girls

having said that we’ve got a really good bundle deal coming up on Boxing Day, on the 26th December, but for a limited time only – don’t worry though as we will reveal more about this deal really soon so definitely don’t miss out. And we will also have a number of live events in 2020 where you will be able to meet us in real life and ask us your questions on meeting women. It’s lined- up in the calendar with me, Annabella and Emre, so don’t risk missing out on any of this! So definitely get yourself onto the newsletter – you can find the link to the newsletter in the video’s description right down below. And don’t worry, I’m also going to post a link in the comments section too in case you can’t find it in the video’s description.

Okay so I don’t know about you but I think it’s about time we watch the infield footage of me in action! So let’s watch the footage and let’s see how I get on with the girls, so stay tuned.

Now that was just awesome, they were really nice girls, and I was loving every bit of it! So what can we learn from this interaction and what can we learn from the way in which I attracted them? Well there’s one word which pretty much sums it all up – and that’s none other than: ENERGY. It’s all about your energy. This is what it comes down to in the end.

And this is what I wanted to touch on today. And it all comes back to and kind of relates to your mindset when you’re going out and when you’re meeting new women. Okay, and as you already know the mindset, or the inner- game as it’s sometimes known as, directly ties into your energy when you’re engaging with women. The mindset and inner game will kind of feed your energy because guys with a solid mindset will also exhibit a great energy. And honestly when you have that amazing energy, that is so attractive to girls, it will really draw them in with minimal effort.

And it’s interesting because I remember I recently had a guy comment on my last infield video where I cold- approached an attractive girl from the street. It’s the video on flirting so check it out if you haven’t done so already. So I get this really gorgeous classy girl to stop so I can engage with her and the guy’s comment was something on the lines of, “how on earth did you get her to stop? How do you always do it?”. Well you see, there’s really no magic to it, there’s no magic pill or magic formula. It comes back to what I was saying a moment ago. It comes back to your energy and the energy that you display and that you emit do moment you stop her. You see when you come in with an amazing energy about you, you will get an amazing reaction and a great first impression, and she will stop to listen to you. If you come in with a bad energy, or if you come in and you’re unsure of yourself, then yeah of course the girl will walk away and reject you, it’s normal. But if you come in with an amazing aura about you, it’s so potent and it’s so attractive and girls really will be drawn to you like a drug.

And the same holds true for the two girls in the footage today. And I know there will be guys out there who will immediately say something like, “Nooo that’s just impossible.”, or they’ll say something like, “Nooo that’s definitely staged! Definitely”. Well, not really… it’s just outside of your reality. It’s beyond their reality and so they immediately say it’s staged. And it’s really funny because my cameraman gets into a rage whenever he hears that, his eyes go blood red, because he puts in a lot of effort to get that footage! So I dare you to say that to my cameraman, we’ll see how it goes down with him. But no on a serious note, when we look back at the footage today, the same holds true with them too. The reason why they stop, the reason why get engage and the reason why they’re attracted all comes down to my energy and the aura I’m emitting throughout the interaction. It’s that energy that is so potent, which comes from your beliefs and your inner strength.

So stop focusing and stop obsessing about the lines to use or the best pick- up lines to use on a girl. It’s always about those damn lines and what they’re going to say and nothing else. There are no magic lines to use, sorry to break it to you. If you want to have that amazing success and consistency with women you need to start working on your energy and you need to start developing that positive energy when you’re interacting with new women. Okay so it’s time to get back to the drawing board, it’s time to start making a plan and to start working on your mindset and your inner beliefs. Create that amazing energy about yourself from the very first milli- second you approach them, which girls will not be able to resist when they’re in your company!

Alright guys that’s all from me today, wanted to keep it short and sweet. Do let me know what your thoughts are about this and do put your comments right down below so we can all have a chat about it. There’s going to be plenty more action- packed footage to come from myself, from Annabella and from Emre too so don’t miss out!,

Okay guys, so today you were joined by Iain Myles and I shall see you next time.

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