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Are you too shy to talk to girls? Shy guys must watch!

I am too shy to talk to girls

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Are you too shy to talk to girls? Shy guys must watch!

Women look at men’s shyness differently. Our main concern usually is whether your shyness will follow us home. We don’t want that. We don’t mind a guy who is quiet in public as long as he tell us all hos stories when we’re alone . We want a guy that makes us want to know more, to crave knowing him better. Ask yourself if your shyness is innate or acquired. Before we get into building your confidence, let’s look at your reasons for being shy:


It implies that most of your life you have been shy and it has formed your personality. Your main characteristics are the avoidance of people, you mouse around them unnoticed and thus you spent most of your life in the shadows. You most often feel weird and unlovable.


You trained yourself to be shy due to some phobias such as fear of rejection, not wanting to socialize with others but still wanting to form relationships with them. You have been bullied into believing that you are a social misfit.
These are not scientific reasons but rather a summary of reasons people are shy.
Now that you have figured out where you lie let us look at how you can stop being shy around girls.

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