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Approaching women on the street. Infield Pickup Video

Approaching women on the street. Infield Pickup Video

Hi guys it’s Iain here and today and I’m going to be showing you some real life footage of me cold- approaching a random girl from the street and having a decent interaction with her. Now there have been a few guys on the channel saying how they feel that cold- approach is weird, creepy and that by cold- approaching girls, in the street, you’re guaranteed to get rejected really badly if you approach them. And you know what I completely understand where you’re coming from with this. But I have to say, and speaking from my own experience, that this just isn’t true. To put it into a bit of context – I’ve approached thousands and countless numbers of women and I’ve never had a , what we can call, ” bad rejection”. Or at least as from as I can remember haha 🙂 But anyway today I’m going to show you a warm interaction that I had with a girl I cold- approached – so stay tuned !

Approaching women on the street. Infield Pickup Video

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Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He’s highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating.

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