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99% of women turned on when you do these three things!

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Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from I did a piece a while back on things women sexually want men to do. Since that piece, I have been getting a lot of messages on what turns on women. Well, in today’s video, I am going to look at three things that turn on almost every woman.

99% of women turned on when you do these three things!

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It is easy for a woman who is turned on to develop deep sexual and intimacy feelings towards you. However, over the years that I have worked with men to make them more seductive and attractive, I noticed some common mistakes that most men do. You like to rush things so that you can get to the cookie jar.

That is a major turn off for women. We want to savour the moment and let things slowly unfold. Use these three tips that I will give you in this video, and watch as she blossoms before your eyes. Here are the three things that turn on 99% of women:

Flirt with her

Most guys think that once a woman has said yes to them, then it’s game over. You don’t let a baby fend for themselves once it’s born. Relationships are like babies. You have to nurture them properly if you want a healthy relationship. Flirting has been for centuries the easiest way to make a woman attracted to you.

It breaks ice and walls because of the effect it has on a woman’s brain. I always say that a woman’s mind is the biggest sexual organ. It is the one thing you cannot go wrong with once you’ve captured it. Flirting triggers a series of emotions that are associated with love, lust, safety, and intimacy.

It triggers the brain to release a feel-good hormone. There are different techniques of flirting that you can use to turn on a woman. It is a process that you should be willing to be patient with. You will have more fun with the cookie jar if she’s 100% turned on.

The best trick to turn her on to the point of no return is to start slow. You can make her breakfast in bed and then go to work. Send her sexy and dirty messages during the day and go for the killer moves in the evening.

99% of women turned on when you do these three things!

Annabella Rose is a Dating Coach, author and youtube presenter. She regularly publishes videos on KamaTV. She takes clients in to the bar and clubs and teaches her magic! Her speciality is approach and attraction. She also helps to develop confidence and conversational skills and gives honest perspective on the world of women from a woman’s point of view. Most of our clients say “the best advice ever” after talking to Annabella..

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