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8 Things No Guy Should Have In His Bedroom

8 Things No Guy Should Have In His Bedroom

Let’s imagine you are out and about, and you approach a woman you really like. 8 Things No Guy Should Have In His Bedroom

It all goes really well from there.

You take her for a coffee “instant” date, you then propose drinks at your place.

You think you have it in the bag… but you could not be further from the truth.

No Guy Should Have In His Bedroom

Trust me Ian, even the smallest detail can kill your chances with her!

So, today, I want to talk to you about how to prepare your logistics when dating women.

To be specific, I want to make you aware of the 👉 things no man should have in his bedroom.

Stained beddings

Women are attracted to men with proper personal hygiene.

Stained beddings make your room feel like a cheap motel room in the middle of nowhere, which can be a buzz kill.

It can distract the woman because she might start trying to figure out where the stain came from.

Other women’s clothes

The next thing no guy should have in his bedroom is another woman’s clothes!

No matter how a woman pretends she’s cool and open-minded about it, no woman wants to feel like the second option.

Having another woman’s clothes and accessories can trigger an emotional disconnect.

Your gaming consoles

Now, women understand that men love their toys.

But you should not have your gaming consoles in your bedroom.

It sends a silent signal that you are lazy.

You are also likely to be tempted to play when you have a woman in your bedroom dating coach for men.

And that can be a huge turnoff.

What you have in your bedroom reflects your personality.

Women are attracted to gentlemen, not grown boys with beards.

Having your console in your bedroom shows that you are a boy, and that can give a woman a reservation about how far they are willing to go with you.

Pictures of other women

We know that we can’t compete with family members and friends that you have been tight with since kindergarten.

But it’s a huge turnoff to see a picture of another woman in a man’s bedroom even if it’s his mother.

You can have them anywhere else in the house but NOT in your bedroom.

It gives the woman the same experience she gets when she sees other women’s clothes and accessories.

A woman needs to feel wanted to give herself to you.

But that will not happen when the picture on the wall seems like it’s spying on her.

Exotic pets

The next thing you should not have in your room is exotic pets.

I might be a pet lover, but there is a boundary to which pets I am comfortable with.

Exotic pets are not common, and they can make a woman feel uncomfortable.

A woman might walk into your room and see a chameleon, and that’s the last time she’ll go into that room.

Your bedroom has to inspire safety and serenity.

It should provide a perfect escape from all the chaos of the world.

However, putting things that can scare someone to death will not help achieve the desired environment.

Celebrity posters

That brings us to the next item you should not have in your bedroom, and that’s a celebrity’s poster.

Most people idolise celebrities they like.

While it might have been fun for a girl to walk in your teenage room and awe about all the posters, that does not cut it with confident and independent women.

And it might seem selfish, but when I am in your bedroom, the only thing you should be idolising is me.

It seems boyish to have a celebrity picture in your bedroom.

You have other rooms that will be perfect for it.

Again, anything that does not add value to the serenity, and peace in your bedroom should not be there!

Bare walls

Your bedroom should tell someone something about your personality, interests, and hobbies.

Bare walls are dull, and no matter how clean a room is, there’s no soul when there’s no character.

Find something interesting that can spark a woman’s curiosity and use it to add character to your bedroom.

Bare walls show that a guy is not creative, which can be a buzzkill for some women.

The way you decorate your room gives it an energy that can trigger different emotions.

Bare walls give the woman time to live in her head, and you might lose her.

Dirty laundry

Lastly, dirty laundry is a big NO in the bedroom.

They are susceptible to make your room have a damp or foul smell.

Remember that women are sensitive when it comes to smell.

That’s why we can smell a lie a mile away.

Let me know what you think about this, I’d love to hear from you too!

Speak soon,

Gaby ✨