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5 Types Of Men Who Annoy Women

5 Types Of Men Who Annoy Women

I’m sure you already know that…

Women have an internal rating scheme that helps them filter out guys that court them.

A means to single out the strong from the weak.

The winners from the losers.

Otherwise, a girl’s life would be filled with senseless and neverending dates.

A woman’s rating system depends on her personality, desires, and wants in a man.

However, women can all agree that there are types of men that annoy to the core!

It’s challenging to get a woman attracted to you if you fall under the category who annoy women.

So, in my 🎥brand new video, you’ll know the type of men that annoy women the MOST so that you play your cards right.

The mansplaining guys

The first type of man that annoys women is the mansplaining guy.

Okay, centuries ago, women weren’t allowed to go to college.

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But guess what?

We live in the 21st century, and women have the same access to information, just like men.

Women want to be recognised for more than her physical look.

Women are attracted to guys that make them feel more than a walking trophy.

5 Types Of Men Who Annoy Women

It’s a huge turn on when a guy realises a woman’s intelligence and challenges it positively.

When a guy is mansplaining something, it makes a woman appear to lack the basic knowledge to understand things.

These types of guys annoy women because they feel that they are better than women dating coaches for men.

Mama’s boy

The next type of men that annoy women are mama’s boys.

Now, you cannot come between a son and his mother.

It’s cruel.

But at some point, a guy needs to mature and become independent.

Women are attracted to confident men who can lead.

It’s very challenging for a mama’s boy to have these qualities.

They make the relationship seem like a love triangle.

The majority of mama’s boys have to pass their significant decisions through their moms first.

Now, it’s not that women want to replace their mothers.

But no woman wants to be in a relationship where a third party gets to make all the decisions, even those that directly affect her life.

The man-child

The next one on the list is the man-child.

They are different from mama’s boys, but they all annoy women in the same way.

Women admire men with a sense of direction and purpose.

However, that is a foreign concept to a man-child.

It can be exhausting dating a man-child because the woman has to do all the heavy lifting in the relationship while the man remains in the comfort zones of their childhood and teenage lives.

It’s annoying because these types of guys do not add value to a woman’s life.

Also, women perceive a man-child as emotionally immature.

5 Types Of Men Who Annoy Women

It’s challenging for an emotionally immature guy to have a healthy relationship with a strong woman.

The sex-starved guys

If there’s a type of man that most women cannot stand, it is the sex-deprived type.

These are men that sex counts for everything in the relationship.

The worst thing is most of them are not as good as they think.

No matter how good you are, if a woman is not on the same wavelength as you, you are just burning calories.

The sex-starved guys are annoying because they make women feel like sex objects in the relationship.

Women long for affection and emotional intimacy more than sexual intimacy.

We love and enjoy sex, but we also need more from a guy.

A healthy relationship makes a woman feel like part of something, and that requires strong emotional bonds.

The flaker

The last type of man that annoys women that we are going to look at is the flaker.

Most flakers are charming and know what women want, but the problem comes with commitment.

Flakers are guys that check out on their commitment at the last second.

The reason these types of guys are very annoying is the emotional stress they can cause a woman.

A flaker will make a woman feel like she owns the world.

Promise to ride her on Aladdin’s carpet and see the world.

Then he will ghost the woman or find excuses to break their commitment.

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Also, the flaker is the type of guy that women don’t trust.

They are not genuine with their intentions because their actions and words don’t match.

Women tend to avoid guys that they cannot be emotionally safe around.

Hope you enjoyed watching my 👉brand new video.

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