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5 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make Trying to Get Bigger

Hey Guys, its me Annabella Rose, your personal trainer and dating coach back from Helping you get into the very best shape so you can dominate the dating world. Today I am going to be talking about 5 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make Trying to Get Bigger., but before we get started you know what to do, hit that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there are going to be a lot more videos coming your way.

Mistakes Skinny Guys Make Trying to Get Bigger

Like I had stated earlier, building muscle and gaining weight can be as hectic as losing weight. Like losing weight, it calls for discipline, patience, and dedication to make and see progress. It is pretty much the reason why you are struggling with gaining muscle as a skinny person. Worry not because I am here with a remedy for your situation. I will give a breakdown of some of the mistakes you are making in your quest to become bigger. Now, here are the common mistakes in trying to gain muscle and some tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

1. Lack of a rigorous routine.

As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” For a thing that requires so much commitment, patience, and discipline, note having a plan only jeopardizes your success. Having a definite plan will not only help you in tracking your progress but also guide you on what you should be doing when, how, and how many times. With a goal, you need to remain focused on only the activities that will help you achieve your goal, and that is what a plan does for you. Also, there is dire need to track your diet so that you can adjust your exercise sets to ensure that your body does not remain stuck in on the workout rut. Without a concrete plan, you can easily make any day a rest day or engage in any exercise you feel. In other words, you will be undoing whatever progress you manage to achieve. As you can see, lack of a routine is the first thing that makes you fail even before you get started.

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