3 Reasons why she did not get back to you after the first date

It’s great when you manage to meet a girl that you like and you manage to arrange a date with but all too many times after the first date the girl neither goes cold or gives you the dreaded “you’re a nice guy but let’s just be friends” talk. This can be frustrating for the guy especially since that’s all the feedback you the guy will always get. But there actually many reasons why this happened and once you become aware you will have far better success with dating

1. Not leading

This is a mistake that is made too many times with guys where the guy basically lets the girl take control of the date. What guys don’t realise is that women want to be lead and the last thing that they want to hear is “I don’t mind whatever you want”. This is usually the answer the guy gives when the girl asks where and what they plan to do for the date. It makes the guy come across as submissive and that he gives the appearance that he is not sure in himself and that he does not know what he is doing which is a major turn off for the girl. Always be prepared beforehand, be sure in yourself and your own reality in what you plan to do on your date and know where you plan to take her.

2. Not touching

When on a date most guys’ don’t make any body contact with a girl usually because they are afraid of being perceived as sleazy but there is a big difference between touching and groping. Humans are sociable animals and physical touching like shaking hands, hugging and kissing are ways for us to forge bonds between each other and reason she is on a date with you is because she likes you and wants to form a bond with you so don’t be afraid to touch her. For example when telling her a story don’t be afraid to hold her hand or touch her shoulder as you speak with her. This is also a great way to test how receptive she is to you and one good example of this is if she has a ring on her finger ask her where did she get it while gently playing with her fingers. This will gradually make it easier for you to eventually kiss her as she will have been use to you touching her whereas most guys do the opposite which is the dreaded lunge at the end of the date where they have not touched her at all and then tried to kiss her.

3. Not being authentic

I have mentioned this before but I can’t stress this enough don’t be afraid to act like your own self when you are on a date. Most guys for some reason hide who they really are when they are on a date because they are afraid of what the girl might think of them. You have friends that like you for you being you so why wouldn’t a girl like your real self. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t be afraid either to disagree and give your own views on topics you may talk about when on a date. I’m not saying to disagree for the sake of it either but be true to yourself as acting like someone else in the hopes of making the girl like you is the ultimate cop out.

Dating Coach