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10 top reasons women stop wanting sex

10 top reasons women stop wanting sex

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about 10 top reasons women stop wanting sex. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming your way!

Sex… it means more than just penetration to us. It is not just a physical connection but an emotional connection to us too. I don’t know exactly how men view sex, but it is clear we don’t view sex the same way. Although sex is our deepest form of love, it also has to be fulfilling. However, when the love is a strain or attraction is fading, a woman’s sexual drive can also be reduced. There are so many reasons that we stop wanting sex, and some are not caused by men- it is caused by individual fights that we face as women.

10 top reasons women stop wanting sex

To understand why your woman may have stopped wanting sex, you have to understand her personality and individuality. However, there are some reasons we both share for not wanting sex. Here are the top 10 reasons women stop wanting sex:

You are incapable of turning her on

Dear men, when you force your magic stick while we are not turned on isn’t a good move. It may be painful for us or at the very least it makes you seem very self serving, engrossed in yourself for your own please and not the pleasure for you as a duo. It gives us bad memories of sex and makes us not want it. Sex is pleasurable when we are turned on because we will engage in it emotionally and physically and be wet in all the right places. You can pleasure yourself when you’re alone. Which you might as well be doing if we are’nt turned on. A girl will stop wanting sex if you can’t turn her on before it.

Mental and emotional challenges

We all go through a lot both men and women, and sometimes our hormones don’t take it easy on us. This is an instance of low sex drive that is something neither party can help. When your girl is going through depression, stress, anxiety, or has a medical condition it can be hard for her to focus on sex or even being turned on. If this is the reason don’t take it personally because it only worsens the situation. Help her get the help she needs before trying to improve your sex life. And don’t be naive, men also struggle with hormone imbalances and mental strains which can contribute to low sex drive. If you yourself feel like you’re struggling with this go see a doctor, it can be a symptom of a bigger problem.

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