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10 Things Newbies Should Know About Women

10 Things Newbies Should Know About Women

10 Things Newbies Should Know About Women. Hi guys, it’s me your dating coach Emre from And as usual, I come with good things. So today, I have my newbie brothers in mind who wants to understand more about women and develop their dating game. I mean, we all wish we had someone to hold our hand when we started on this dating venture. I mean from talking to women, how to attract them, how to keep them, how to pick the up- the list is endless. Now, unlike us who had to learn it the hard way from our mistakes, newbies have a chance to get out there and woo women like pros.

Know About Women

Being a newbie, it is very likely that you will get stuck in your head, overthinking things and playing out scenes of how things should go. Well, all this is natural and understandable with all the butterflies you are likely getting at the prospect of a new romantic relationship with a woman you want. The excitement becomes too much that you do not want to mess things up. One thing that you would not know as a newbie is that this excitement can be your undoing. The truth is that with a new relationship, things can go either one of two ways; it can end up so well, or things could get messed up real fast even with experienced men. It, however, would hit you differently as a newbie. But that’s why I am here.

Now, any new relationship is full of discoveries, potential, and possibilities not only for ourselves but also for our potential partners as far as our wants, desires, and needs are concerned. This is during the honeymoon, early stage or bliss stage of a relationship. It is the make or break it phase. If, as a newbie, you successfully get through this stage, then you stand a real chance at the relationship. But before that you need to get to that stage and you must learn how to approach women and control your anxiety during the day time, night time, in bars, clubs coffee shops and in the social gatherings. Now, let me take you through 10 Things Newbies Should Know About Women. So before we start let’s click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many more videos will be coming to your way. So let’s watch the footage.

1. Be confident and control your anxiety

Well as I said it before you must approach women if you want to date or looking for a serious relationship. This includes one night stands! Invest your time into methods that can teach you how to control your emotions. Meditation, yoga and guys also martial arts… Why? It is not only women, you will repel men too if you telegraph constant anxiety as people do not want to be around you. Social anxiety is the killer as it will stop you approaching women getting dates you name it. So ask yourself what are you doing to control you anxiety? Are you letting that control your life? Well if you let the anxiety control your life let me tell you here you will not achieve much in the dating, business and other areas of your life.

Let’s say that you have controlled your anxiety and get the date! You must maintain it… Playing it cool, being confident and maintaining confident aura with women is crucial, especially when you are getting to know each other and all. Getting stuck into your head when you are out on a date with a woman you are interested in will get you asking her more than enough times where her dinner is good, or whether she is enjoying herself or whether her seat is comfortable. I mean, getting stuck in your head can make you do a bunch of crazy and silly things. Play it cool and assume that she is having as much fun as you are. It goes a long way in adjusting how women perceive you at any one given time and install trust in her. Well girls invest more into guys who they can trust it’s a no brainier being confident and controlling your anxiety is gold mine… tap into it

2. Avoid being too eager

I understand that as a newbie, you have the energy of ten men- you are all excited at the thought of getting things started. You want to show your potential woman or date how much of keeper you are or already talking about marriage and children. While you are most likely doing this in good faith and clear intentions, too much eagerness is more likely to scare women than it is expected to sweeten the deal. Think about it, wouldn’t you be freaked out if a woman approached you telling you that she would wed you the following day or is ready to have kids for you? Yea, I guessed so too. No matter how much of the real deal you think you are or how compatible you are with your potential match, it is no guarantee that anything will last. You got to keep your cool and hold yourself in ways that do not show too much or desperate eagerness. For instance, send subtle messages and be ready to move on if you do not get a response within four days tops. Stop sending follow-up messages to women who are not taking the time to respond to you. Even when you get answers from women, it should not necessarily mean that they are interested in you as you are in them, and therefore, your conversations would still end up going nowhere. In short, do not call it a relationship before it is officially one and never be eager as it will weaken your value. She will think that you are not worthy enough.

3. Women do not want needy men

While a little jealousy is considered healthy and cute, making unreasonable demands on your woman’s time and putting restrictions on them such that they are not doing things they comfortably did before they met you communicates a red relationship flag to any woman. While it is reasonable to want to spend as much possible with your newly found partner, it will be wise of you to refrain from continually calling, texting, or making demands. No woman wants to be with a man who does not seem to have a life outside of the relationship. Also, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You will have to know how to strike a balance between absent and available so that you are not needy and also you are not too unavailable such that your woman does not think you are not interested.

4. Stay curious and listen

People underestimate the power of this trick when dealing with women. We all know that listening is a communication skill that very few people do well. Most people listen to respond and not to understand. Showing undivided attention to a woman when she is talking to you and showing a genuine interest in wanting to know more about her will get any woman sold out to you. It is a simple gesture that makes a woman feel appreciated and heard. But be careful there is a thin line between acting like a servant and listening so do not cross the line.

Curiosity, on the other hand, makes them perceive you as someone interested in them and their life in general. Since very few men would make them feel special in such a way, you are likely to have the upper hand over any other man that could be your competition.

5. Be transparent

One of the problematic things in dating is getting to know the other person’s expectations and in this case, women. Is the woman you are interested in looking to date? Is she looking for some fun to unwind? Or is she looking for a casual engagement? All this can be confusing when you are starting with a woman, especially when you are a newbie and have no clue on how to read into hints provided. Since it is not always easy to interpret someone’s intentions and tone, it is advisable to be straightforward from the beginning of the interaction. For instance, if you are in the conversation with her, be sure to tell her what you want. You do not want to waste your time. If you meet a woman in a bar and take her home an hour or two later, be sure to be clear about what you want. Women, especially the mature kind, will always appreciate honesty. It is an attractive attribute to be clear and let her know that you know and what you are looking for. Hey be ready to walk away why not!!! There are so many women out there who can give you whatever you are looking for so keep the fixated thinking to a minimum and be open minded to meeting other women.

6. Do not hold back on being vulnerable

While allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is by far the scariest thing in any relationship, it is the only way you can show your true self. Only at the risk of being hurt are you able to show the other person who you are. As a newbie, being able to show this side of yourself to a woman you are interested in fosters trust and a deep connection between the two of you. For women who are serious and are looking to know you at a much deeper level, being vulnerable can be a gift. It does not, however, mean that you should go pouring out yourself to any woman. You have to analyse your relationship before you can lay yourself bare to a woman. Most newbies vent about their emotion at early stages and take a note guys that will repel women. There is no right time for this but know that she is not an emotional dumpster and if you act too vulnerable; dump your emotions she will feel down and walk away.

7. Do not brag

Another mistake that you are likely to make as a newbie is thinking that bragging and flaunting your accomplishments will win you the attention of women. Bragging is the easiest way you lose any woman’s focus, no matter how interested she was in you. It is a huge turn-off not only to women but also to men. For all you know, the woman you might be bragging to may be more accomplished than you are. There are a thousand and one ways to impress women that do not include flaunting your achievements and bragging about the money or muscles… Do not get me wrong; you can be proud of your accomplishments without rubbing anything on anyone’s face. Also, if you feel the need to brag about them you give the impression that you are overcompensating for other areas where you are falling short. Being humble will get you long way with women and solidify your presence. Never brag and know that it will repel women. Being humble is the best policy and women will award you for that. Remember as average looking guys we all think that how the heck he got that girl? Well guys so many guys will say ohh that guy is rich she loves his money etc… but the truth is he may be one of the most humble guys you can ever meet and understand that there is other side of the coin and value being humble over bragging.

8. Women appreciate the small things

As a newbie, you need to understand that when it comes to attracting and wooing women, you do not have go too big. This applies to practically all women. What does it for women is the effort and thoughtfulness. Meaningful touches, kind words, among other gestures of service, go a long way. For instance, any woman would appreciate a beautiful flower you picked on your way to her than she would appreciate five dozen roses. It is merely so because that random unplanned for flower shows that you thought of her at the most unexpected time. Such small gestures do it for women.

9. Women want to feel emotionally secure

While there are several other things that women worry about, I mean, they also got bills to pay, among other things, a woman’s greatest need where a man is concerned to have some form of emotional security. Now, as a newbie, you might quite grasp what emotional security means. Well, that is why I am here. In its purest and most basic form, emotional security is letting your woman know where she stands with you. No one wants to be kept guessing the position they hold in a person’s life. I mean, I am sure that you wouldn’t want to be kept in a situation where you do not know where you stand. In other words, clarity in relationships is crucial.

10. Women prefer fun dates to a fancy one

Like I have already brought to your attention, small things matter more to women. On that breathe, a fancy date in a five-star restaurant is too formal for any woman. For most, they would instead prefer to be taken out for activities around their hobbies… Let’s assume you both like fishing! Honestly guys you will both have, more fun than sitting in a 5 star Michelin restaurant. This is mostly so because such simple dates allow the both you to actively engage in making memories and getting to know each other as opposed to a date in a restaurant where you are both just seated looking at each other. There you go newbies; you have yourself a list of the top ten things to keep in mind when venturing into the dating game and to engage with women. It will be in your best interest to follow through with each of these things if you want to interact with women like a pro.

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