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10 Reasons why you should build muscle | Look fit and date

10 Reasons why you should build muscle | Look fit and date

10 Reasons why you should build muscle | Look fit and date

Hey guys, welcome back to kama fitness with me Annabella Rose, your personal trainer, and dating coach from I’m here to help you get in your best shape, both physically and mentally to help you dominate the dating world. Today we are going to talk about 10 Reasons why you should Build Muscle. Before we start, click that subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing from us here at Kamatv.

Strength training is not only crucial for building muscle but also boosts your overall health and wellbeing. While it may be a little intimidating at the beginning, its health benefits outweigh the doubts you might have about lifting for the first time.

10 Reasons why you should build muscle | Look fit and date

Also, building and maintaining lean muscle boosts your metabolism – more muscle equates to more energy, which manifests in both workout and your general life, especially dating – you look fit and hence more attractive to women. The consistent effort and focus on the journey of building, developing, and maintaining lean and active muscle has tremendous benefits. Here are the top ten reasons why you should build muscle.


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The first reason is the one I have already mentioned above. When you build and maintain your lean muscle, you, in turn, boost your mechanism. As a result, you have more energy in your general life, such as dating and work, as well as maintaining a healthy workout lifestyle.

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