Ways to improve your success in bars and clubs


There is nothing that feels better than approaching a girl that you find attractive and generating interest from her and getting her number. This basic and very effective method of approaching well, initiating conversation and generating attraction and number closing successfully applies to success with women both during the day and at night. But in bars and clubs it is much louder and you are competing with other guys. You can still succeed in these places but there are ways of making life easier and increasing your chances of success.

Approach everyone in the club

This is actually easier than it sounds. You don’t have to open and engage everyone that you see but greet and say hi everyone and move on. This gives the appearance that you are a social high status guy that knows everyone and women will notice. On this point it will also make it easier for you to open girls if you have already opened and spoke to her earlier especially if you made a good impression and remembered her name.

Get to know the staff

This is something that most guy’s don’t even think of in that they see the staff in bars and clubs as nothing more than staff. They are people like me and you and it makes such a difference to get to know them including the bouncers and bar staff. When I first moved to London, I made it my business to get to know all the bouncers in all the major clubs in the city. It makes such a difference as not only will you benefit from perks like skipping the queue and paying no entry fee, it will also give you social proof and women will notice.

Bring women with you

This is something that will greatly increase your success rate in clubs. Bring a group of women with you. Make an effort when you are out to approach and socialize with women just to make friends with them. Over time you will start to develop a good social circle of women and it really makes such a difference to be good friends with beautiful women in clubs. Not only will it make it easier for you to approach other women as you will have social proof but you will find that girls will sometimes actually approach you as you will appear to have status. On top of that you can get your women friends to approach for you and introduce girls to you!

These are all helpful ways of increasing your success with women and learning how to play the social game can be the game changer in clubs especially since most guys are not aware of this
and this will make you stand out even more positive with women.

Dating Coach