The Importance Of Progress


The difference between guys that will make serious progress with their dating lives and guys that will continue to stagnate and make no progress is having a clear goal of what you want to achieve.
To do this you need to be clear and honest with yourself in what you want and how much time realistically it will take for you to get there. I have had clients that have come to me that wanted different things from guys who wanted to find their ideal girlfriend or wife to guys who just wanted to improve their options and generally have more fun. Whatever it is that you want to achieve have a clear picture in your mind of what exactly you want.

Being Aware Of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Once you have this clear vision in your mind you can then focus on how you can go about achieving this and work out how quick you can get there based on your current strengths and weaknesses. For example I recently had a client that was very good and comfortable at approaching women but he rarely got any results in terms of second dates or any dates at all. Once I started working with him closely I could see that his biggest weakness was which that his conversation skills were very poor. So obviously I advised him to work on this area of his dating skills. The more aware you are of your strengths and weaknesses the more successfully you can come up with a plan of how to achieve this.

Setting Realistic Goals

Once you have achieved this basic structure you need to put it into a day to day schedule of how you can realistically achieve your goals. For example if you want to improve your approaching you could set a target of approaching 5 women after work. If you need to work on your kino skill you can set a target of leading and dancing with every girl that you approach in a bar or club. Remember
Rome was not built in a day so do not expect too much from yourself when you are starting out. Be patient with yourself and most importantly believe in yourself.

Push Yourself

When you are starting out with doing something new in your life whether it be learning to drive a car or starting a new course you will feel nervous and uncomfortable because you are outside your comfort zone and approaching and learning how to talk to women is no different. So when you feel tense or nervous do not be hard on yourself as you are only human, just accept your feelings as just feelings and get on with it. When I first started approaching women I felt as nervous as hell but the more I did it the more comfortable I felt in myself and now I take it for granted that if I see a beautiful women in a bar or a supermarket that I will approach her. And remember do not stagnate as once you feel comfortable approaching you should set another goal to achieve. Once you make a habit of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone you will not recognise the person that you see in your mirror in 6 months’ time.