How to talk to girls


As I mentioned before, the biggest question that I get asked a lot is what the best pickup lines are but the fact that the guys that are asking me this question shows why they are not getting any results with meeting and dating women. The more important aspect guys should be focusing on is […]

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How to phone a girl and get results


James spent a very successful Tuesday morning at the library. He wasn’t doing research, he was meeting girls. At lunch time he called it quits with five new numbers saved to his phone. By Thursday morning, he had four dates lined up for the next week. Although getting a phone number doesn’t always mean getting […]

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How to be a conversation master


Next to approaching the biggest issue that most guys have is what to say after they have approached a girl because usually after a guy walks up to a girl to initiate a conversation, they end up running out of things to say and when this happens the interaction usually goes downhill from there. This […]

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Getting better talking to girls


We have different types of guys who come to work with us some are very social able but for many reasons are not attracting the right people into their lives. Then there are people who are a lot less social able and avoid it at all cost. Continual improvement Without taking action you will never […]

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3 top tips for approaching women during the day


Over the last few years that I have been working with Kamalifestyles, my company has taught many clients and the most rewarding has been seeing my clients make huge breakthroughs in this area of their life. When it comes to dating there are no set rules or restrictions and our clients through our guidance, have […]

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The Reason Why You Can’t Approach A Woman Sober

You are a single guy, walking down the street and you see an absolutely beautiful woman, just outside Starbucks standing on her own. Instead of doing what should be the most natural thing in the world to do, which is to walk up and open conversation with her, you just walk on by her as […]

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