What Kama Lifestyles Courses Can Do For You


Over the last four weeks we have looked at how Kama Lifestyles dating courses have changed the lives of our clients. Most of the men who approach us for help have realised that they can change their lives for the better, permanently. Once you are aware of the social conventions that govern your behaviour and […]

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One on One Coaching Course


The September series continues with the stories of clients who have completed Kama Lifestyles dating courses and hearing how their lives have changed. Rory came to Kama Lifestyles after the collapse of his third serious relationship in as many years. In his 40s, Rory was becoming frustrated that he hadn’t managed to settle down yet. […]

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Its All about Confidence


Now that we’ve taken a look at the problems men face when it comes to dating, we’ll spend a little time with clients who have completed Kama Lifestyles training courses to see how they fared. Barry, a twenty year old student from Galway, realised that he needed help with women and approached Kama Lifestyles. When […]

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How To Text Girls


Girls are more emotional about relationships than guys are. While this makes it a little harder for some guys to understand how male-female relationships work, it also means that texting is a great way to build rapport and attraction. Keep the 10 following hints in mind and you’ll soon become a master texter. Pick the […]

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Relationship Breakdown


There is nothing more rewarding when I found out that one of my clients is in a relationship especially when it was one of their goals when they came to me to begin with. And if you find yourself in a similar position then well done as there is nothing more rewarding than being in […]

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