How to pick up girls

How to pick up girls - PART 3

A lot of guys are afraid of approaching a woman and staying with her in the conversation because they do not have the right information, courage and enough practise. This is the reason why you will find some men taking some alcohol before they can talk to a woman or they don’t approach during the […]

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How to Be Effective Approaching During the Day


Approaching women during the day is still something that people find hard to get their heads around. Most people have the stigma that you can only meet women in bars and clubs, through their friends or through dating agencies. Where the reality is that you can meet women almost anywhere. Many guys come to me […]

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Seduction Techniques That Work


Terence never thought of himself as good-looking. His job as a barista keeps him going while studying accounting part-time, but doesn’t leave a lot left over at the end of the month for luxuries. Although he met scores of beautiful women at work each day, he always felt that they were out of his league, […]

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How to seduce women


Kevin was a little shy and inexperienced with women. He doesn’t think of himself as good looking and he doesn’t have a high-powered job that pays particularly well. He drifted into previous relationships with women he wasn’t really attracted to because he thought he couldn’t do any better. In his early thirties, his friends are […]

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How to get laid


William started dating Sarah after meeting her at a party held by mutual friends. Even though they’d been dating for nearly two months, they hadn’t progressed much further than a goodnight kiss at the door. William realised that he needed to learn how to get laid. After all, sex is basic human need and part […]

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How to attract women


Last Saturday night, Jack was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for his sons to come out of the cinema. He hadn’t intended to go out since his kids were visiting for the weekend, so he settled down with a novel and a good cup of coffee and sent them off to watch a movie. […]

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How to attract beautiful women


Quinton was sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by when a beautiful woman sat down at the table next to his. He wanted to lean over and say hello, but he felt too nervous because he was intimidated by her looks. He sat at his table, drinking his coffee, sneaking glances at […]

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