Many of our long distance clients at Kama Lifestyles choose to work with us through Skype. We cover the exact same material and it saves them travelling and spending time and money on accommodation and travelling expenses. We can say from experience that the benefits are equally the same if you choose to meet with us in person or work with us over Skype. The one exception to this is the infield training part. This obviously requires us go out with you physically into the bars, clubs, street etc and demonstrate you in full how to approach. Over Skype this isn’t possible.

However, we can teach the theory element of the One on One course over Skype and give you a set structure and number of approaches to do on your own. You also have the option of travelling to meet us at a later date and completing the infield part in person. To find out the best option to meet your needs, click on the contact us box on the top right and we will give you a call back at your own set time.

I first heard about Kama Lifestyles through a radio interview they did here in Finland. Confidence has always been an issue for me and I signed up to the confidence course. I choose to do the course through Skype as the distance was an issue for me. I must say the course was superb and it was exactly as if the coaches were in the room with me in person. It is fantastic that we can use technology to bridge such a distance and although I have not yet meet the coaches physically, I know I have benefited hugely from working with Kama Lifestyles. If distance is an issue for you, I hugely recommend training with Kama Lifestyles through Skype!!



Jouko Edelmann