Supreme Confidence

Imagine for a moment having unshakable self-confidence. How would you change your life? Success – in all aspects of life – begins with self-confidence. Think about the successful people you know – those who can consistently make their dreams come true. Aren’t self-confidence and a winning self-image the one thing they practically all have in common?

Now for the good news. Those traits can be learned! They are all within your reach. This program will cut right to the chase by helping you to develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image. How? By giving you the clinically-proven strategies, tools, and techniques to develop mastery over your beliefs and attitudes that ultimately determine your self-image and degree of self-esteem.

picThis program guides you through a series of exercises and visualisations – all designed to rapidly bring about an immediate, dramatic and lasting improvement in how you view yourself with respect to virtually every aspect of your life.

Without a doubt – the number one issue people face when looking for a partner is confidence. We see and hear it all the time. Men and women get so hung up on what to say that they forget what is even more important…”How You Say It”

And how you say it comes from your attitude – and your attitude comes from your confidence. This program includes all the super-effective confidence exercise that we use all the time and teach in all of our consultations. This confidence program is ultra-effective because it works on your sub-conscious levels of confidence – so it becomes automatic. You’ll learn how to get your subconscious working for you instead of against you.


Topics Covered

arrowIdentifying and Eliminating Negative Beliefs – – A negative or limiting belief is roadblock that prevents you from approaching and connecting with women. It is a belief about yourself or your abilities that causes you to doubt whether or not you can achieve success with women. We will show you the quickest and easiest way not only to identify your harmful beliefs but, more importantly, eliminate them completely so when you see that attractive person, you will be able to easily approach and create a natural connection.

arrowSelf Sabotage – If you’ve ever tried your best to change your dating and relationship habits, and always felt as if something were “blocking” you; guess what: these five “deep cover agents of sabotage” exist embedded in the minds of at least 90% of the men in the world. Flush them out forever and replace them with personal power and awareness and choice.

arrowIntroducing Empowering Beliefs – The second stage is to introduce positive empowering beliefs to really bring your success with women and dating to the next level. Self empowering beliefs have a direct impact on our character and behaviour. Once you learn our techniques, you will be able to harness the latent power of your mind and use it with your new self-empowering beliefs to approach anybody, anywhere!

arrowRecognising Negative Should Statements – Irrational should statements imply you must always be perfect, all knowing or all powerful. Perfectionist “should’s” include rules for living that continually upset you by creating impossible expectations and rigidity. One example of this would be “I should be in a relationship with a beautiful woman”. The consequence of this rule is that you will feel like a failure every time you are single. Once you see this error in your thinking, you open your whole mind to a new way of thinking.

arrowThe Art of Goal Setting – Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision of the future into reality. Discover how to achieve your dating and relationship aims by implementing goals that will help you live your life according to what YOU want; to ignite a burning passion to change. Learn from our stories, tips, tools, examples, quotes, and information on how to set and achieve one goal or many which will assist you in living the life that you may now only dream of.

arrowDestroy Approach Anxiety – This program will boost your confidence to levels you never thought possible! No more anxiety in pick up situations ever again! Never again feel that crushing anxiety when approaching a beautiful woman and instead effortlessly approach groups with confidence. We will give you a step by step guide to allow you to enjoy the experience of meeting and attracting new women instead feeling approach anxiety. We will show you how to supercharge your confidence in any social situation.
arrowAlpha Framing – One of the fastest ways to become successful is to Model Success. We will show you step by step how to model success and develop the correct body language and mannerisms. We will cover everything from fashion to attitudes and everything in between. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the program.

arrowPositive Affirmations – This allows you to develop a powerful and positive attitude to dating and women; which is an essential element in a successful approach. With this power you can turn failure and rejection into success and drive it to a whole new level. Your positive attitude is the fuel for your success. The techniques outlined in this program are used either deliberately or instinctively by all the most successful and charismatic people; and you can use them too.

In this program you will also learn

arrowEasy-to-use techniques proven to quickly enhance Confidence.
arrowHow to turn failures into self-confidence boosters.
arrowHow to conquer your need for approval once and for all.
arrowHow to develop the winning attitudes for optimal self-confidence.
arrowHow we put ourselves down and how to permanently stop doing it.
arrowHow to achieve complete self-acceptance – right now – regardless of your life circumstances.
arrowHow your self-image and self-confidence can make you unstoppable, able to reach your potential and make your dreams come true.

And Much Much More!

In these exercises, we show you how to build a self that powerfully manifests your will in every situation. Learn to project an image that just under the surface of people’s conscious awareness taps into and successfully stimulates their passion and curiosity.

It’s as if these exercises enable you to…


…Detach From Your Limits…And Embrace Your Abilities!
These exercises combine some of the most powerful elements for personal change, and are guaranteed to create an instant and immediate transformation!

Remember we offer a



with all our services!


This seminar will definitely help to transform the way you come across in social situations! Don’t wait – take decisive action TODAY! Don’t suffer through one more day of not reaching your potential.
Take control! It’s time … No more excuses. Let us show you how your life can change right now – and how you can immediately begin meeting and attracting the women you have always wanted!


You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. So don’t wait another minute.
Looking forward to hearing about your success,
Your friend,


P.S. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you order this RIGHT NOW – You get all of your money refunded by us… and you still get to HAVE A WHOLE NEW SKILLSET FOR FREE as a thank you from us for trying it!
P.P.S. What’s the BEST THING that could happen? You will immediately portray confidence and charisma … and will be successful in attracting more women and friends than you ever thought possible – and with so much more ease than you ever imagined. You will eliminate negative impressions from your mind forever! Sounds like a must-do to us!


James O’Reilly
28 Years

Fair play Kama Lifestyles! Great course, great craic and great group of guys. Really didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself in for here but decided to take the plunge anyways. Learned so much about women and relationships and how to be the chooser, instead of her choosing you!
I suppose I have an out going personality anyways but I was always seen by girls as the clown or the funny guy and this didn’t work when I wanted to get with girls. Now I know the “Secrets of attraction”, as they say and I really can’t wait to get out there and start practicing this stuff!!

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Brian Lacey
29 Years

                              The Confidence Course was a mind-blowing experience for me, it’s completely changed my perspective on women and dating and it allowed me to see what’s possible. I feel anxiety free now and if I go to a bar, I am not thinking about approaching anymore, I just do it!
All my friends can’t believe my new change in attitude and they all want to know my secret. I suppose it will get out quickly enough once my testimonial is on the site but this is something I am proud to be associated with because I owe so much to you guys. You have changed my life!!

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Barry Cullen
31 Years

The great thing about the Confidence Course is that you always see the positive picture, you see the woman responding well to you before you approach and then you feel good and you smile when you approach. For me, it is not about learning lines etc, I just want to feel good and be myself when I approach and this course has helped me to do that.
I no longer feel shy or tongue tied around women I don’t know and I can easily ask her for a number or a date. If she says no, it doesn’t crush me as it used to. I can just forget about it and move on. I know they are so many opportunities out there if you have the confidence to take them and thanks to Kama Lifestyles, I am now doing this!!

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William Stokes
24 Years

I am shy. I never even kissed a girl because of this. My brother has a girlfriend and I feel that I should have one too by now so there is pressure there. I heard Kama on RTE radio and signed up for the confidence. Over the last 8 weeks, I have learned so much and now I see that the only problem I had was that I was too afraid to approach.
If I think about it, I had only ever approached one girl and nothing happened. I realise now that I cannot know if I am any good until I approach a few hundred. Since week 3 I have approached 27 girls and I have kissed 2. I can’t wait to do the infield training!!

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Darren Browne
27 years

The Confidence Course will improve anybody’s mindset. I am pretty confident anyway, and I was going to sign up for the one on one. However, the lads explained it in such a way that I decided to give it a try. They said after 2 weeks, if I wanted to change to the One on One I could.

When I look back now, I can see how much this has changed my confidence. I used to be a little intimidated about approaching the stunners, the most gorgeous women in the club but now its not a bother. I would recommend this course to anybody no matter how good you think you are with women!!

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Victor Lowe,
24 Years

I have a girlfriend because of this company. It is a great idea. These skills should be taught in schools, instead of boring stuff you don’t need like chemistry and history. People need these skills and I would say there was a huge gap in my life before I discovered Kama Lifestyles.
The guys changed everything about me from my fashion to my confidence to my charisma. BTW, this profile Pic was taken before my fashion course! This was the best investment I ever made and I feel so much happier in myself and my life in general, from working with Kama Lifestyles!!

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Shane O’Rourke
22 Years

Before working with Kama, I used to just go out with my mates and get locked. We would go to the same bar, hang out with the same group and rarely meet new people. I signed up for the confidence course as I wanted to just go out on my own and meet new people.
To be honest, the course was amazing. It covered everything and opened up a whole new world to me. I feel ten times more confident than I have ever felt before and have no problem approaching anybody. I have got 3 numbers in the last week from just random strangers!!

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I first heard about Kama Lifestyles on radio. I checked out the website and signed up for the confidence course. At this point I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first time signing up to this kind of course. What I did know was that it had been over a year since I had been on a date. The coaches were very professional and soon put me at ease. We discussed areas of my life where I felt I lacked the confidence to achieve my full potential and the! Identified ways I could tackle the doubts and worries I had been feeling in these areas. Since the course I am a new man. I have been for drinks with a girl I really like and we have already arranged to meet up for a second date. It’s no longer down to luck :)

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I’m a 26 year old delivery man living in London. Because I spend a lot of time on the road I don’t often get to go out and my social life had become almost nonexistent. I picked the Confidence Course as I felt this was an area I could improve on. Usually I find it difficult to chat to women without a few drinks. The guys at Kama Lifestyles showed me how l could create an immediate connection with new people- and no cheesy pickup lines!! Still can’t believe how easy it is once you know what you are doing. I am so happy with the results of the course that I am delighted to write this testimonial

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