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In your quest to attract beautiful women into your life, fashion and a good sense of style is critical. Almost everybody realises this but the main reason that stops most people from making any kind of change is that they do not know where to start. Perhaps you have realized that the clothes you are wearing may not suit your personality so you decided to make changes to improve your overall appearance. First ask yourself, how important really is what we wear? Is there a cause/effect in how we are treated by the world? Does clothes and appearance really make a difference in getting creating attraction from women or getting dates? Can’t people look through all the superficial and see the real us?
The simple answer is that everything positive helps. And a correct style contributes hugely to a first impression. Yes you could go out and buy lots of different clothes all by yourself, spend loads of money but still have no real idea what you are buying. Will these clothes reflect your true identity in the best possible way? Will they make you more attractive to women? How comfortable are they really? Creating a new personal style all by yourself is nearly as difficult as trying to figure out what exactly attracts women all by yourself. When your credibility is crucial, in situations such as first dates (or even second and third dates) it is important to make a “good” first impression. Remember, You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Think about it…
You go out constantly approaching women; you don’t know what works so you go through trial and error for so long until something clicks. But what if you had a pro right there beside you on your first night out – how quickly would you improve? When you decide to change your clothes and create a new style how quickly would you be able to do that if you had a fashion expert right beside you? Our fashion Consultant will take you to the best clothes stores, discovering a style that’s both ultra attractive and works with your personality and help you buy the best clothes that work within your budget. Just think of all the time you would save and how quickly you would improve.


Kama lifestyles will personally help you shop for your new wardrobe!
Some of the other things you will learn:

arow1Organizing your wardrobe effectively

arow1Decipher which clothes to keep and which ones to discard

arow1Expanding your wardrobe by just adding a few new accessories

arow1Mix and match colors and textures for maximum impact

arow1How to alter the personality of a suit with ties, belts, shoes and hats

arow1The do’s and don’ts of accessorizing

arow1What type of store caters to your needs

arow1Display style and flair in spite of physical shortcomings

arow1Know when a sale is not a sale

arow1Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics

arow1Hair – How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths

arow1Balance an outfit with color and textures

arow1Expand your wardrobe with belt, shoe and ties

arow1Know what brands are designed for you

arow1Know what works for you and why it works

We’ve all heard the expression “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. If you agree, it’s a good thing you’re not in publishing. Publishing houses have long since proven that a cover may not tell you what’s inside a book, but the cover is the reason that we pick up one or the other off the rack. Until a book is picked up, no sale is made! Don’t you think it’s easier to make a great first impression with your appearance and then follow up by showing what a cool, social, smart guy you are with a smooth approach?
When I describe someone as an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant you immediately conjure an image of that person, maybe without much conscious thought. When I mention a high level executive you get another, different image in your mind. There is a definite picture of a person with credibility, authority and power – a professional image. Since about 90% of you is covered by apparel, the clothing you choose makes a significant impact. This is such an important area, and on in which you can affect the greatest impression. In the course we cover this in minute detail. What you wear makes a difference in how you influence women. So it’s not a question of being judged. We are judged thousands of times every day. It’s a question of whether we want to have an effect on that judging or not. Are we ready to see what we can do to present ourselves in the best package to project a credible, professional image?
There is no limit in relation to your age as you can create a new look at any stage of your life. You will also be surprised by how women will respond to you when you approach with your new look.

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This seminar will definitely help to transform the way you come across in social situations! Don’t wait – take decisive action TODAY! Don’t suffer through one more day of not reaching your potential.
Take control! It’s time … No more excuses. Let us show you how your life can change right now – and how you can immediately begin meeting and attracting the women you have always wanted!


You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. So don’t wait another minute.
Looking forward to hearing about your success,
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P.S. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you order this RIGHT NOW – You get all of your money refunded by us… and you still get to HAVE A WHOLE NEW SKILLSET FOR FREE as a thank you from us for trying it!
P.P.S. What’s the BEST THING that could happen? You will immediately portray confidence and charisma … and will be successful in attracting more women and friends than you ever thought possible – and with so much more ease than you ever imagined. You will eliminate negative impressions from your mind forever! Sounds like a must-do to us!


Johnny Bergin
27 Years

Fashion was never a big deal to me until I worked with Kama Lifestyles. I just threw on whatever was clean and went out on the beer. Looking back now, all my clothes were junk, even the jackets that cost hundreds with top brand label. None of the truly fitted me or said anything about the type of person I am.
On the fashion course I learned so much about colour theory, dressing to suit your mood and especially how to choose your shows. If I want into a bar now, people notice me. Works great with VIP areas to as I am rarely stopped on the door due to my new look. This course was definitely worth the investment!!

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Anthony Young
23 Years

Where I go out, everybody wears the same uniform dress code. Tommy Hilfiger jumper and jeans, nobody really stands out at all…I did all the courses with Kama Lifestyles and I was a little skeptical about this course as I didn’t feel I needed it. I actually feel for me it was the most important course.
I constantly get complimented on my dress code and this adds to my confidence as well. Women really appreciate a guy that knows how to dress and isn’t afraid to stand out. As for the cologne, the one that the guys recommended always gets a compliment after a girl kisses you!!

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Mark Chan
28 Years

It was not enough to just change my hair style, clothes and shoes. Kama Lifestyles took me step by step through a full transformation from head to toe, and I am now a probably the best dressed person in Dublin!! I have not only become more confident, polished and classier, I have a new girlfriend and feel complete.
Last month, I bought a second fashion service as I wanted to look better at my work. Now I have two looks, Career and Social! You have no idea what a transformation truly is until you experience it, and fully appreciate the magnificent talents of the Kama crew, they are the difference!!

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James Kelly
25 Years

I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by that I wore the clothes you picked out for me that I have not received a compliment, plus I have noticed people making eye contact and their eyes go from head to toe. This is all very new for me and is a huge confidence booster.
I have been wearing at least 1 to 2 of the new items every day since I meet people either socially, to the office and I have been complimented every day on at least one occasion. It’s pretty amazing. People seem to be so much more open to conversation too and as a result I am opening more and more strangers! Cheers guys!!

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Barry Johnson
37 Years

Before I met with Kama Lifestyles, I truly thought my wardrobe was current and cool; after all, for years I had people helping me with my clothes shopping. But as it turns out I was just a bit out of touch.
Within a few hours helped me rid my closet of several items that were dispensable and to which I had some illogical attachment, and add just a few new items to my wardrobe which make me feel renewed and more confident. I never imagined I would work with a stylist, but it was a lot of fun and the coach is terrific!!

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Ricky Griffin
30 Years

Four hours with you changed my life! As for my progress, everyone notices the difference. You were right about everything. Twenty minutes in the morning, outfits that match, accessories that go, colour code etc. It changes one’s whole outlook, and (the aggravating part) it’s really not that difficult.
You’re a good teacher and what you told me was easy to follow, and remarkably consistent. Also, I could have read ten books about dressing and not have understood them the way you showed me what you were talking about. There is so much to learn, I had no idea!!

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Kevin Carty
32 Years

The Fashion Consultation with Kama Lifestyles was a huge step forward for me personally. I always felt I dressed reasonably ok but looking back, I had so much to change. The one word people keep saying to me now is that I look sharp. And I definitely notice people checking me out more too.
I also thought that it would cost thousands to really dress well but I could not have been more mistaken. You don t need Armani brand labels or anything, you just need the correct colour codes and coordination as well as the right fit and you look great. Also the coach helps you pick clothes that suit your personality! Money well spent for me!!

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