Alpha Male

“Learn How to Become the Respected Alpha Male and Make Your Dreams Come True.”

The Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male training programme is designed to show you how to become the dominant alpha in any social situation. Women can’t resist men with alpha characteristics and will pursue those who display these traits. Learning alpha male qualities will change your dating life forever. In addition, these skills spill over into every aspect of your life, making you more successful socially and professionally.

The Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male training course will teach you new habits in order to enhance your character, making you a better, more successful person. The course is aimed at everyone, from beginners to advanced clients. It takes 8 weeks to complete the 14 hours of training. Extras incorporated in this package include a free initial consultation, as well as unlimited phone and email support for the duration of the course.

Alpha males attract women easily and command respect from everyone they meet. The Alpha Male course is simple and easy to follow. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be expected to work hard! Learning traits like

arow1How to be comfortable in social situations
arow1Centre of attention
arow1Approaching life and people with humour; and
arow1Showing integrity

can be hard work, but is well worth the effort.During the training you will develop the self image, self esteem and self respect of an alpha male, while changing your attitude, mindset, body language and beliefs to reflect your strength and dominance.


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Topics addressed during the training include, among others:

arow1Exuding confidence;
arow1Grooming and presentation;
arow1Alpha framing;
arow1Displaying calm and confident body language;
arow1Staying in control of yourself and your environment;
arow1Commanding and deserving respect;
arow1Self acceptance and learning how to love yourself;
arow1Identifying negative thoughts and behaviours and replacing them with positives;
arow1Ambition and wanting more out of life;
arow1Motivation and laziness;
arow1Social strength and stability;
arow1Life direction;
arow1Life passion and purpose;
arow1Lifestyle organization;
arow1Decisiveness; and
arow1Self growth and personal development.


Take your first step as an alpha male today by signing up for the Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male training course!

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose … and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. So don’t wait another minute.Looking forward to hearing about your success,Your friend,


P.S. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you order this RIGHT NOW – You get all of your money refunded by us… and you still get to HAVE A WHOLE NEW SKILLSET FOR FREE as a thank you from us for trying it!
P.P.S. What’s the BEST THING that could happen? You will immediately portray confidence and charisma … and will be successful in attracting more women and friends than you ever thought possible – and with so much more ease than you ever imagined. You will eliminate negative impressions from your mind forever! Sounds like a must-do to us!


Eddie Marshall
37 Years

I went on the Alpha Male course after a co-worker told me about it. I could see the changes in him after he’d completed his training and that was enough to convince me that it was the right thing to do. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve gone from being shy and withdrawn to being the most confident and charismatic man in the room.
The course was well presented and easy to understand. The information our coach gave us made sense and seemed obvious once I thought about. But I never would’ve thought about it by myself because I didn’t know how people interact with each other. My whole life has improved after the Alpha Male training. I’d definitely recommend this course.

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Gordon Cousins
56 Years

When I got divorced a year ago I felt like I’d lost everything. I’d been married for more than thirty years and I didn’t think I’d be able to get back into dating easily. I started looking around online to find advice and tips about dating and found Kama Lifestyles. I found it comforting to know that professional help is available and booked a consultation.
The Alpha Male course helped me to become the person I always had the potential to be. Instead of pursuing women, they seem to flock to me and I have a choice of who to date. I never thought this could happen at my age! Thanks, Kama!

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Gabriel Kennedy
23 Years

When I signed up for the Alpha Male course I thought it would be all about being more aggressive, but it turned out to a lot more focused on emotional health. I learned to have more self respect and to be a man of integrity. I’m no longer needy or unsure of myself and I don’t need other people to tell me that I’m a good guy. I know I am one now!
Before the training I tended to be lumped into the ‘friends’ category by nearly every woman I met. Now I’m the one choosing who won’t get further than friendship. I can approach any women I fancy without being afraid of rejection or feeling like I have to prove myself to them. I’ve told all my friends about this course and a few have even signed up after they saw the difference in me.

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Jack Williams
43 Years

Like so many other men, I was scared to leave my current relationship because I didn’t want to be alone. We’d both been unhappy for years, but I always found an excuse to stay. I found out about the Alpha Male course online and thought I’d give it a try. After all, the Kama Lifestyles guys are so confident of their products that they offer a full money back guarantee, so what did I have to lose?
It’s the best thing I could’ve done. I learned how to take control of my own life, future and happiness. Dominance and being alpha male is not about aggression, but about confidence and control. I’d been feeling like I had no say in where my life was going for years and I realised that I had the courage to make changes for the better, thanks to Kama Lifestyles.

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Michael Wilson
31 Years

I was always slow getting started on things that need to be done. I couldn’t motivate myself, not even to go out and meet women. The Alpha Male course showed me how lazy I’d become and how this was affecting my life. I left everything, even decisions, to the people around me because I couldn’t be bothered.
The Alpha Male training helped me to understand how being in command of your own life and decisions turns you into someone other people want to be around. I went from being largely ignored to being a favourite in the office and at social events. I’ve started taking better care of myself, look different, and feel better about myself. The course was definitely worth it.

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Colin Hill
38 Years

Every time I got into a relationship it turned into a mess due to my jealous behaviour. I’d given up on women when my brother told me about Kama Lifestyles. Through the Alpha Male training course I learned that jealousy is caused by low self esteem and that I had to work on my confidence to sort myself out.
It worked. After the first month I could see exactly why I had messed up in previous relationships and that it was all down to how I felt about myself. I learned to value myself, gained confidence, and learned how to stop being needy and become more self-reliant. I’ve met a great woman and we’ve been dating for a while. The jealousy and possessiveness is gone and she loves the confident me.

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