Residential Training

Residential Training

“Train with the best dating experts and increase your dating success in 7 days”
Kama Lifestyles is offering a Residential training for the clients who would like to work 1 on 1 with the best dating coaches. The training is designed for men who want to increase their dating success in a short period. We have the most competent and passionate dating coaches that will give you the best seven days of your life with full of challenges and adventures to ensure you have the Ultimate Game.

Within your seven-day stay at residential training, we will measure your confidence, test your dating skills, and pickup techniques. Our female coaches will make you understand the female psychology and how to interpret verbal and nonverbal female cues. The male coaches will help you with smooth transitions in your conversations and body language. Our dating experts will help you master all the techniques and strategies you need in dating.

The seven days in our training will be the most magical seven days in your dating life- it is an ultimate opportunity for you to jump-start your dating life. Our dating coaches will help you to master the best lines, basic skills naturally, and strategies to transform you into successful dater. Most of our clients can generate instant dates during the training, and your dating coach will help you secure the dates. For seven days Kamalifestyles’ team will take you on a journey that will change your dating life forever. Our program is the most advanced in the market with tools,strategies, and dating experts that are guaranteed to help you achieve the best results possible and completely transform you into a women’s magnet.

We believe in changing lives, and successful dating is one of the ways to make everyone happy.Our training will be held every day, and later we will hit the streets and bars. The training is designed to engage you with practical steps that enhance your confidence in the meeting, attracting, and connecting with more women. Most of your time will be in the field with a highly skilled dating coach to teach you the best pick up skill set. The skills and strategies will give you the best understanding of the opposite sex and incredible confidence to be able to approach and attract the women you have only imagined.

It is better to live the abundance, not dependence! Achieving your dating goals is a challenging process. It will not be an easy journey, but the commitment, persistence, and agility of our highly experienced dating coaches and you will make everything possible. Kamalifestyles residential training will take off years from your natural learning curve and will teach you every aspect of the game. You get a chance to learn the theory and practice it in our infield sessions next to your dating coach.



Liam Smith, 41

I was a single father of two beautiful kids. Getting dates when you are a single father can be quite a challenge especially when you have been out of the dating scene for a while like I did. I had problems with my confidence because I didn’t know what the response of the ladies would be when I told them that I was a single father of two. Some women thought it was adorable and friend-zoned me immediately, but most of them shut me off. I heard about Kama Lifestyles from a friend on Facebook who told me what they did and what Kama Lifestyles had done for him. I contacted Kama Lifestyles, and the customer service was amazing, they made me feel really important, and I booked an appointment for the Residential training.

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Sebastian Jones, 26

I am in my mid-20s and I suffered from anxiety. Dating never worked for me because of the fear of rejection and challenges with starting a conversation.I engaged with various dating coaches, and there was nothing happening, so I gave up. Then one day as I was watching YouTube I saw a post from Kama Lifestyles, and I was curious to see more of their posts. They were interesting and I really like their content. I did my background check on them and then registered myself for the residential training. All I can say is that I regret one thing about, and that is I never joined earlier. However, it’s never too late because am leaving the dream now. The dating coaches are highly skilled and show you everything step by step. The theory session simply cover everything it can’t go wrong! Demonstrations just make it easier to understand and replicate. I learned that anxiety should never take the dating fun out of your life.

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Theory Section

This is the phase that you will find all the dating juice you need. Our dating coaches will take you through a series of topics that are aimed at helping you rediscover the excitement and thrill in dating. They will also coach you on various techniques and skills to help you get any woman you want. Some of the topics you will cover under this phase include:

arrowFemale Psychology – You will be given an insight of how women think, react when they like you, and what turns them on. Understanding the female psychology will help you generate instant dates you want and also weigh the probability of getting what you want
as you talk.
arrowFirst impression – The first impression you create on a woman is a lasting impression. Our experts will help you master the techniques of creating real and attractive first impression. They will help you avoid friend zone and also stop you from creating a false first impression.
arrowAttracting women – You will learn the art of seduction and how to attract women in different scenes. You will learn the verbal and non-verbal techniques of how to make a woman want or lust for you. You will learn various ways of how to flirt with a woman, and the best part is you will learn to analyze a woman and know which techniques will work on her.
arrowBody language – Have you ever used your body language to get the woman you want without saying a word? That is what we give you-you will learn the non-verbal ways to flirt with a woman. You will also be coached on how to interpret a woman’s body language. Once you have mastered body language, you will always have perfect timing.


Greg Johnson, 32

I dated many women, but I was secretly unhappy because I wasn’t dating the types I really liked.I always played safe and settled for less. It affected my confidence because I knew I was the problem. I wasn’t taking risk and approaching the most beautiful ones… One day I was in the car with my best friend, and he told me about Kama Lifestyles youtube channel. Following month, I signed up for residential training and it was the best decision I made. I am very thankful to Kamalifestyles. During the residential training, I approached so many beautiful girls. It was different reality training with the experts and seeing how it is done. It was so easy to model and practice the approach strategies. There were so many things I did wrong that I did not realize but the dating experts shaded light on it and taught me how to overcome the limitations and take more actions.

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The experience gained from real-time observation beats any lessons you will learn from audio or videotapes or books. This phase includes infield sessions that our experts will use to bring to life all the theory you have mastered. You will see real-life situations on how to handle women and create attraction and how to be the ultimate alpha male in the room without being too loud or cocky. You will see the power of silence and body language at its peak and also the ultimate power of confidence.

At the end of Residential Training at Kama Lifestyles, you will not only be able to approach and attract and know how to keep them. You will go back to the dating and lifestyle scene with a sky-high confidence and a smooth sexy vibe.

Seeing is a different level of understanding and infield demonstrations are crucial for your learning. Kamalifestyles dating coaches will demonstrate every single aspect of the game from body language to storytelling. You will see our dating coaches demonstrate meeting beautiful women in the street and bars and creating attraction with any groups. Your dating coach will be your wingman and will bring you into sets and show you step by step every single aspect of the appeal and engaging women. Apart from being on top of your dating game, you will get few tips on how to be the best wingman from observing your coach. All these can be yours by just registering for the Residential Training to get Magic Seven Days.

Topics covered over the 7 days are

Day 1

arrowHow to present yourself
arrowFashion & Grooming
arrowHow to lead the date
arrowLeading at the social places
arrowMotivation and Confidence
arrowHow to Approach
arrowConversation Killers
arrowCrucial Mistakes and how to avoid them

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, coffee shops will start after the theory training

Day 2

arrowHow to approach in the day time
arrowHow to stop
arrowGetting the number
arrowHow to control your fears and overcome your anxiety
arrowLogistics on the street and bars
arrowDay time vs Night Time
arrowWhat to say and How to say
arrowHow to project confidence
arrowHow to approach in bars and clubs
arrowNight logistics

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, coffee shops will start after the theory training

Day 3

arrowHook Theory
arrowBridging the Conversation
arrowUnderstanding Female Emotions
arrowHow Logic Works in dating
arrowNLP Techniques, Future Projections &Anchoring
arrowIdentifying Personal Patterns
arrowAdvanced Phone Techniques
arrowKinaesthetic: The Correct Way to Touch
arrowRoutines for the streets and bars
arrowAdvanced Techniques for building rapport
arrowMasculine identity vs Feminine identity

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, coffee shops will start after the theory training

Day 4

arrowEliminating Crucial Body Language mistakes
arrowExamining Attractive Body Language
arrowNonverbal communication
arrowConfidence Booster Routines
arrowBody Language Routines
arrowUsing your Body to Communicate
arrowBody Language Interpretation
arrowSocial Distances
arrowAlpha identity

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, coffee shops will start after the theory training

Day 5

arrowThe inner self
arrowConfidence Building
arrowChanging Negative Beliefs
arrowPositive Beliefs & How to Insert them into your Mind
arrowStopping Self-Sabotage
arrowRe-framing Negative Beliefs

Infield training in bars, clubs, streets, coffee shops will start after the theory training

Day 6

arrowAll day infield training

Day 7

arrowAnalysis and feedback
arrowQuestions and Answers


Marcus Williams, 28

I think I was the most friend-zoned person in the world. Each time I tried to make a pass on the girl I like, I ended up in her friend zone. It is painful to be in the friend-zone of the girl you like.Sometimes I thought that I was not good-looking enough and that’s why I was always friend-zoned. I even tried online dating, but nothing happened for me. I got so frustrated because everyone around me was dating or having fun except me.Then Kama Lifestyles came to my rescue. I learned about Kama Lifestyles on their youtube channel and I was curious about the residential training. The dating analysis skills they did on me shade light that I was taking the wrong approach in picking up and approaching girls.

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Shane Lyon, 30

When you cannot get all the hot chicks you want because of any reason, then I recommend that you register for the residential training at Kama Lifestyles. These guys are cupid and Eros combined. I never had hot dates because in the city it’s all about lifestyle, glamor, and class. I used to go to posh nightclubs hoping that I would get a hot girl but all I got was more drunk male friends. It just wasn’t working for me!Kama Lifestyle transformed me into a chick magnet. Kama Team personalized a program for me that included my grooming and pickup techniques. I work with different dating coaches in different days and they were patient with me, and they proceeded with my pace and made me feel really comfortable. Also, my confidence going in the residential training and coming out was totally different

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Alexander Andersson, 35

When I broke up with my girlfriend, I was devastated, and my confidence was shuttered. I had been in the relationship for 7 years, and I did not know what to do when we broke up. I tried to get back on my feet by trying to date again, but each time I have rejected it shuttered me more. I later gave up and focused on my work. One of my colleagues recommended the Residential Training at Kama Lifestyle for me. My program at the residential training was centered towards building my confidence, how to deal with rejection, and how to approach women. You will be amazed how these experts will make you see the dating world and getting women as an easy, smooth and calculated process.

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Leo Barnett, 29

When you have an introvert personality and shy, it becomes a challenge to get the woman you want. I have lived on the sidelines for a long time watching the girls I like being taken by other people because I could not express myself. It is such a lonely place to be the only mature single guy in a crowd of friends that people are dating and others are married. I heard about Kama Lifestyles on the radio, and it got me thinking. I called them to make more inquiry, and by the end of the call, I had already made my booking. The entire process was prompt and easy.

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