One on One Coaching Course


The September series continues with the stories of clients who have completed Kama Lifestyles dating courses and hearing how their lives have changed.

Rory came to Kama Lifestyles after the collapse of his third serious relationship in as many years. In his 40s, Rory was becoming frustrated that he hadn’t managed to settle down yet. He just couldn’t seem to find the right woman. The ones he found interesting were never interested in him, and the ones who were interested in him just weren’t right for him. He tended to stay in relationships because he was afraid of being alone.

The Initial Consultation

Rory arranged to meet with a Kama Lifestyles coach to discuss his relationship goals and dating needs. During the free consultation, it became clear that Rory was making common mistakes and that his failed relationships had affected his confidence and self-esteem. Rory was also too focused on making things work, with friends and family putting him under pressure to find someone and settle down. Because Rory lives in Cork and runs his own business, longer Kama courses were less practical. Besides, Rory is a man of action and he wanted immediate results.

The Coach’s Advice

The Kama Lifestyles dating coach advised Rory to sign up for the One on One Coaching course, a Kama Lifestyles premium service. This course allows clients to complete a year’s worth of training in just two days. The training covers all aspects from attracting the type of woman you want, to finding the type of person you want to settle down with. The course includes in-field training where the instructor demonstrates Kama Lifestyles’ techniques and allows you to practice what you’ve learned. Because of Rory’s personality and lifestyle, the One on One Coaching course was perfect for him.

Kama Lifestyles One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching takes place over two days, with Friday’s session focusing on increasing confidence and changing your inner game, and approaching women and improving your conversation skills. The theory part of the first day’s training includes learning how to start a conversation with a stranger, displaying positive body language, attacking your limiting beliefs, and understanding male-female attraction. Friday night is dedicated to in-field training where you will see the theory you’ve learned in practice.

On Saturday you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Friday night’s session, and you will briefly recap what you learned on Friday. Day one is devoted to the basics, and day two to fine-tuning your seduction skills. Saturday’s training covers aspects like creating intimacy and intimate connections, the art of kissing, wingman rules, and the first date.

Rory was amazed at the difference the training made to his dating life. He learned a great deal about relationships and how to approach and deal with women. He discarded his old beliefs about himself and became more confident and outgoing. As he was no longer needy and insecure, he was able to attract the women he wanted. Before long, Rory met Alison. They got married last weekend and this time he knows that he’s made the right choice. In fact, this time he chose to be with her because she had the qualities he wanted in a partner.